Napoli crushes Frankfurt and reaches the quarter-finals of the Champions

Goals: Napoli – Eintracht Frankfurt – Played on 03/ 15/ 2023

Napoli beat Eintracht Frankfurt, 3-0, today, Wednesday, at Diego Maradona, in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16.

Victor Osimhen scored two goals (45 + 2 and 53), while Piotr Zielinski scored the third goal from the penalty mark (64).

Napoli completed the contract for the quarter-finalists, after winning (5-0) in the aggregate of the two matches, to become the third Italian team to reach this role after Milan and Inter, while Frankfurt bid farewell to the championship in the round of 16.

Napoli entered the meeting looking to score a quick goal, and after a minute and a half had passed, Politano received the ball after a lot of pressure on the guests, to hit a ground shot that was blocked by goalkeeper Trapp.

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Frankfurt took possession of the ball and tried to approach the Naples penalty area, but to no avail, amid the brilliance of the back four of the South team, in front of which the German team’s attack disappeared.

In the 16th minute, Kvaratskhelia passed the ball to Mario Roy in front of the area, so that the latter, in turn, passed it in the depths to Osimhen, who fired a ground shot that was blocked by the goalkeeper twice, before the referee blew his whistle, declaring that there was an offside situation on the Nigerian striker.

And from a mistake in receiving the ball from Jibril Su in the middle of the Frankfurt stadium, Napoli cut the ball to pass to Kafara, who set out and penetrated into the area and hit the ball towards the net, but Trapp brilliantly pushed it into a corner.

With great skill, the Eintracht attackers missed a golden opportunity to score the first goal from the first attempt in the 31st minute, after a long ball from Kamada passed the Naples defense, who stood in his place, to separate Goetze and Buri in the goal, but the two relied on each other, so Merritt quickly got out of his goal and caught the ball.

The 42nd minute almost witnessed the first goals for the owners of the land, after Kvaratskhelia received an excellent through from Zelinsky, so the Georgian penetrated and hit a ball from in front of the 6 yards, in which dirt shone and pushed it away for a corner.

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Osimhen scored the first goal of the match in the 45 + 2 minute, just seconds before the end of the half, after an excellent cross from Politano, Osimhen, who was unmarked, rose to it and turned it with a perfect header in a difficult corner.

With the start of the second half, defender Kim managed to grab the ball from after the middle of the field, to launch and penetrate into the Frankfurt penalty area and hit a ball that hit the side netting of the goal.

Osimhen doubled the score in the 53rd minute with a second goal, after an attack started by Kafara with a cross pass from the far left to the right for Politano to pass it to Di Lorenzo, who in turn passed a cross inside the 6 yards, followed by Osimhen with a touch into the net.

The referee of the match awarded a penalty kick to Napoli after Zelinski was blocked inside the area by Gabriel So, Piotr shot it and scored it successfully, announcing the third goal for the South team in the 64th minute.

Luciano Spalletti made several substitutions to rest his players after ensuring victory and qualification, so the match ended with the South team’s rise to the quarter-finals.

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