Juventus thrashed Lazio and climbed to the podium in Serie A

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Juventus stormed onto the podium in Serie A qualifying, riding on a streak of six consecutive victories, the last one this Sunday against Lazio, which they defeated with two goals from Moise Kean and another from Arkadiusz Milik (3 -0), with another notable game by Kostic, who retired with discomfort, with a new display of counterattacking and with a mutation that has put him back in the upper zone of the table after a 13-day transition out of the squadrons. the UEFA Champions League.

Juventus -#Lazio – Played on 11/13/ 2022

Without Dusan Vlahovic, injured, and after the turbulence at the beginning of the season, without remedy now in the Champions League, from which he is eliminated and referred to the Europa League, Juventus shines in the league competition, with a sequence of triumphs that included two years ago days a 2-0 against Inter Milan that he repeated this Sunday against Lazio, perched in second place before his visit to Turin, from where he was relegated to fourth place and with his first defeat as a visitor this season.

Juventus has won in conviction. Although leadership is big words, ten points behind are still many, he already feels capable of everything. It is the impulse that victories offer, like the one that was resolved this Sunday. His chances and his punch surpassed Lazio, better in the first half than in the second, suddenly behind on the scoreboard when he barely sensed it on the brink of half-time, with a loss of the ball from Milinkovic-Savic that Adrien Rabiot, recoverer and passer, and Kean, finisher and scorer, converted into a goal.

In the succession of events -recovery, unmarked, deep cross, and shot- the Lazio goalkeeper also had a leading role, because Provedel came out too hastily for a ball far from his area, which Moise Kean went ahead to throw Juventus towards the victory, hardly allowing his opponent chances, knocked down for good at the beginning of the second half, again on the counterattack.

In the 54th minute, Kostic’s shot, which signed another good game towards the 2022 World Cup, if the physical discomfort that he showed in his retirement does not prevent him from playing it, forced the save and the rebound of Provedel, timely use by Kean to settle the result, enlarged by Milik in the final moments, to a pass from Chiesa, increase his team’s total of 18 points in the last six days and open a horizon imperceptible not long ago, within the Champions League places and invincible in his territory.

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