Juventus!! win Sassuolo thanks to Kane’s goal.

On Monday evening, at the end of the 34th round of the Italian League, Juventus!! salvaged a 1-2 victory against its hosts Sassuolo.


Sassuolo’s Giacomo Rasbadori scored in the 39th minute, while Juventus’ Paulo Dybala scored in the 45th minute and Moise Kean scored in the 89th minute.

Juventus improved their score to 66 points in fourth place and is on the verge of securing a

Champions League qualifying spot, while Sassuolo’s balance fell to 46 points in tenth place.

Morata started when he got a free kick in front of the Sassuolo penalty area. The Spanish striker took it directly, but it went over the crossbar of Konseli.

Rasbadori, the young star, came dangerously close to advancing to Sassuolo after firing a shot from the edge of the old lady’s penalty area that went just wide of the Juventus goalpost.

After receiving the ball, Domenico Berardi almost rushed to the landowners to shoot a missile shot,

but the Juve goalkeeper stepped up and stopped the chance of a real goal.

Mulder launched a swift counter-attack, penetrating the defense and passing the ball to Skamaka,

who hit the net with a hard shot, but Chesney was on the lookout and kept her away from his goal.

Rasbadori scored the game’s first goal for Sassuolo.

As Berardi transferred the ball to Rasbadori after numerous passes, and Rasbadori got so far as to strike the net.

Dybala equalized the score for Juve when Morata took the ball and passed it to Zakaria,

who then passed it back to Dybala, who struck a shot into the net.

Watch the goals of the match Sassuolo vs Juventus

Juventus!! vs Sassuolo

Mulder surprised Juventus at the start of the second half,

and in the opening minute, he hit a crawling ground shot that went just wide of Chesney’s right post.

Juventus’ answer was stronger; following a corner taken inside the box

by Dybala, Morata rose to block her with a header that would have gone in had it not been for goalkeeper Conselli’s cleverness.

And Sassuolo got a corner kick inside the box,

which David Frazi rose to head into the goal, but it was intercepted by goalkeeper Szczesny.

The ball was intercepted by De Sciglio, who then sent a cross to Morata on the edge of the penalty box,

who launched a powerful ground effort that went just wide of the post.

Moise Kean came close to scoring for Juventus after a cross from De Sciglio was met with a header by Kean,

but Conselli shone and expertly saved it away from his goal.

Rabiot, a Frenchman, entered the penalty area from the centre of his team’s stadium and blasted a strong ground shot between the three woods,

which Konselli managed to catch.

Moise Kean scored a game-winning goal for Juventus after receiving a ball and advancing into the area,

where he struck a ground shot past goalkeeper Conselli’s foot and into the net.

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