Juve doubles Salernitana’s suffering in Serie A

Juve beat its guest Salernitana 2-0, today, Sunday, in the match that brought them together in the 30th round of the Italian League.

Juventus started its match against Salernitana with a component formation

Wojciech, Luca Pellegrini, Chiellini, Matthias de Ligt, De Sciglio, Adrien Rabiot, Arthur, Danilo, Cuadrado, Dusan Vlahovic, Paulo Dybala.


Juventus opened the scoring early with a first goal through Argentine player Paulo Dybala in the 5th minute.
After a magical pass from Vlahovic inside the penalty area, he hits the ball into the goal with high skill.

Dusan Vlahovic added the second goal for Juventus through a header after a cross from De Sciglio in the 29th minute.

Juventus defender Luca Pellegrini receives a yellow card in the 40th minute.

Thus, it was confirmed his absence against Inter Milan in the next round due to the accumulation of cards.

The first half of the match ended with Juventus, the hosts,

advancing, with goals by Dybala and Vlahovic, in the 5 and 29 minutes.

Juventus doubles Salernitana’s suffering in Serie A

Juventus continued their lead over Salernitana with a clean double in the second half of the strong match

that brought them together at the Arena Stadium, the Juve stadium.

With this victory, Juventus raises its score to 59 points in fourth place in the Italian League standings.

Salernitana is in last place in the Italian league standings with 16 points, after the loss today from Juventus.