Lionel Messi Announces Joining Inter Miami in a Free Transfer



In a surprising turn of events, Argentine star Lionel Messi has announced his decision to join Inter Miami in a free transfer after his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires. Messi shared his decision to move to a new team during an interview with “Sport,” a Spanish newspaper. He said he’s excited about this new chapter in his career.

Messi’s Confirmation of the Inter Miami Move:

Messi said in an interview that he will transfer to Inter Miami. He mentioned that the deal is not final, but he decided to keep playing soccer with the MLS club. The football world is surprised by this announcement. It shows a big change in Messi’s career.

No Agreement with Busquets and Alba:

Messi was asked if Busquets and Alba would join him at Inter Miami, but he said there’s no deal yet. He said that reports suggested his colleagues would go to Saudi Arabia with him. But they are talking about their own futures right now. Messi made his decision without knowing their plans.

Rejecting Other European Offers:

Messi got an offer from another team in Europe but decided not to consider it. He said he wanted to play for Barcelona in Europe, but now it’s difficult. So, he chose to try the American League and see a different side of football.

Embracing a New Football Experience:

Messi wants to see football in a new way and have fun every day. He said he’d work at Inter Miami with responsibility, ambition, and dedication. But, it’ll be a more calm environment.

Contact Details and Alternative Offers:

Inter Miami may offer Messi a four-season contract. Additionally, Al Hilal from Saudi Arabia is interested in signing the Argentine. Barcelona has reportedly made attempts to bring Messi back to the club. Messi has decided to join David Beckham’s football team. The final decision is his.


Lionel Messi’s announcement of joining Inter Miami has stunned football fans worldwide. He wants a different soccer experience, so he’s starting a new adventure in the MLS. Messi’s move to Inter Miami is making American soccer fans excited. Negotiations are progressing, and the contract is being finalized. This move will change the American soccer landscape.

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