Liverpool burns Manchester United by seven in Anfield inferno

Goals: Liverpool – Manchester United – Played on 03/05/ 2023

Liverpool swept its guest and rival Manchester United (7-0), this evening, Sunday, at the top of the 26th round of the English Premier League, which was hosted by Anfield.

Liverpool scored seven: Cody Jakobo (43-50), Darwin Nunez (47-76), Mohamed Salah (66-83), and Roberto Firmino (89).

With this result, the Reds raised their score to 42 points, to rise to fifth place, while Manchester United froze at 49 points, in third place.

Liverpool almost opened the scoring in the 19th minute, after Nunez followed a ball that United’s defense tackled, but he shot wide of the goal.

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And in the 33rd minute, Dalot rose to cross from a fixed kick, hitting a header that was caught by Alisson.

Liverpool opened the scoring in the 43rd minute, after Robertson passed magic through to Jacobo inside the penalty area, to manipulate Varane and hit a powerful ball that hit De Gea’s net.

And Liverpool quickly strengthened their lead at the start of the second half, when Nunez followed a cross from Elliott in the 47th minute, directing a header into the net.

Jakobo scored the third goal in the 50th minute, after a distinguished breakthrough from Salah on the right side, during which he manipulated Martinez, sending a through to the Dutchman, who brilliantly shot into De Gea’s goal.

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Salah wrote his name on the list of scorers, after a pass from Nunez hit McTominay in the 66th minute, and reached the Egyptian international to hit it directly with force into the net.

The festival of goals continued with the addition of Liverpool, the fifth goal, in the 75th minute, when Henderson sent a cross from the left side, and Nunez rose to it to put his head in the goal of the Red Devils.

The landlords scored the sixth goal in the 83rd minute, after Salah followed a ball away from the United defense, turning it into the net.

Substitute Firmino succeeded in adding the seventh goal, in the 89th minute, following a pass from the Egyptian Pharaoh, to end the match with a humiliating and historic defeat for Manchester United.

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