Lukaku disasters exclude Belgium and qualify Croatia

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The Croatian national team qualified for the round of 16 in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, after a goalless draw with Belgium, during the match that brought them together today, Thursday, in the third and final round of Group Six competitions.

With this tie, the Croatian national team raised its score to 5 points, to snatch the rank in the group and go up with the Moroccan team, which is leading with seven points.

As for the Belgium national team, the third in the last World Cup, whose striker Romelu Lukaku excelled in wasting opportunities, he was eliminated from the first round after collecting only 4 points, while the Canadian national team was at the bottom of the standings without a score.

The first half was equal between the two teams, with the relative danger of Belgium.

The Croatian national team threatened Thibaut Courtois with three attempts, all outside the frame, from Perisic, Marco Levia, and Joranovic.

Video technology also saved Belgium from awarding a penalty kick that Carrasco was involved in due to an offside against Diane Lovren.

As for the Belgium national team, it missed two more dangerous chances, the first was shot by Carrasco in the body of the goalkeeper, while Deris Mertens toppled the ball over the crossbar very strangely after a perfect pass from Kevin De Bruyne.

The second half started with a hot and fast rhythm from both teams, and the match turned into a boxing match.

Romelu Lukaku and then Thorgan Hazard took the place of Mertens and Trossard, seeking to revitalize the Belgian attack.

Indeed, Lukaku threatened the goal with a weak header, which was caught by Croatian goalkeeper Levakovic, after which a stray shot from De Bruyne over the crossbar.

The Croatian response came quickly and violently, as Courtois saved three consecutive shots from midfielders Kovacic, Brozovic, and Modric.

Belgium rose up again, as Carrasco missed a solo, followed by a shot from Lukaku that hit the left post, then another header outside the goal, very strangely, after a cross from De Bruyne.

Coaches Roberto Martinez and Zlatko Dalic moved in the same way, replacing Croatia with Pasalic and Petkovic in place of Kramaric and Levia, while Tielemans and Jeremy Duque took the place of Denducker and Carrasco.

Modric hit a ball that Courtois saved, and De Bruyne responded with a new attempt, which was removed by goalkeeper Levakovic.

In the last minutes, Eden Hazard participated in Meunier’s place in a great attacking risk, before which Lukaku missed a new opportunity very strangely, from close range from the Croatian goal.

The referee counted four minutes of stoppage time, and Lukaku started it by wasting another opportunity not to be missed. Seconds later, Croatian defender Jvardiol pushed the ball away at the last minute, to prevent Lukaku from scoring before the referee blew the final whistle, announcing the qualification of Croatia and the exit of Belgium from the first round.

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