Morocco drops Canada and reaches the 16th round of the World Cup final

video goals : Canada -Morocco -Played on 12/01/ 2022

The Moroccan national team qualified for the 2022 Qatar World Cup final, after defeating Canada (2-1) in the third round of the group stage.

The Lions team topped Group Six with 7 points, and the Croatian team, the group’s runner-up, accompanied it with 5 points.

Hakim Ziyash scored for the lions in the fourth minute and Youssef Al-Nusairi in the 34th minute, while Naif Akrad scored for Canada by mistake in his own net in the 44th minute.

The Moroccan national team was not late when Hakim Ziyech benefited from a mistake by goalkeeper Burkhan, who tried to clear the ball but put it in front of the Lions Star, who took advantage of the goalkeeper’s exit and hit the empty goal and scored the first goal.

The Moroccan national team continued its pressure, especially from the right side by Ziyash and from the left side by Boufal.

In the 16th minute, I knew the first dangerous opportunity for the Canadian national team, after starting from the right side and passing to Buchanan, who was in front of the goal and followed the ball without touching it.

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And in the 24th minute, a pass from Hakimi to Al-Nusairi, who started in the operations box, and from a ground shot, he scored the second goal for the Lions.

The Canadian national team was unable to reach goalkeeper Bono, in front of the pressure exerted by the Moroccan national team players.

In the 34th minute, a good attempt from the right side was led by Ziyash and passed to Sabiri, who shot in front of the goal, but one of the defenders blocked the ball while it was on its way to the goal.

In the 44th minute, defender Kay slipped well from the left side of Akodibe and passed a ground ball into the operations box, but its trajectory changed after Nayef Akrad touched it and accidentally scored in the goal.

Al-Tasiri scored a goal in stoppage time, but Brazilian referee Rafael Klaus.

The Canadian national team entered the second half attacking, and the Moroccan national team left the initiative and possession of the ball, so it searched for reaching the goal of goalkeeper Bono.

Junior almost scored the goal after a good follow-up of the ball from Alfonso’s pass, as it passed neutral.

Coach Walid Al-Rakraki made two changes and included Salim Amlah and Zakaria Abu Khalil instead of Abdel Hamid Sabiri and Sofiane Boufal.

The 72nd minute witnessed a dangerous opportunity for the Canadian national team, from Adiba’s header, as the crossbar returned the ball.

Al-Rakartaki involved both Hamdallah and Jawad Yamiq instead of Hakim Ziyech and Izz al-Din Onahi in the 77th minute, and goalkeeper Bono almost made a fatal mistake after he lost the ball to a Canadian player before he corrected and pounced on it.

Hamdallah did not take advantage of an offensive apostate, as he kept the ball and did not pass to Abu Khallal, who was alone in front of the goal.

The Moroccan national team will face, in the eighth round, an opponent from Group D, which includes Spain, Germany, Japan, and Costa Rica.

albums matches 2000030 20221201

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