Magic Messi overthrows Croatia and returns Argentina to the World Cup final

video goals :Argentina – Croatia – Played on 12/13/ 2022

The Argentine national team qualified for the Qatar 2022 World Cup final, by convincingly defeating Croatia 3-0, this evening, Tuesday, in the match that was held at Lusail Stadium.

The Argentine hat-trick was scored by Lionel Messi in the 34th minute and Julian Alvarez in the two minutes (39-69).

Argentina is waiting in the final, the winner of the other semi-final, which will bring together France and Morocco, tomorrow, Wednesday.

The first attempt came in the 17th minute, through Lovren’s cross, hitting a header that went wide of the goal.

Argentina appeared offensively in the 25th minute, with a shot from outside the area through Fernandez, which was blocked by Levakovic.

And Croatia tried again in the 31st minute, with a low shot from Perisic, which went over the crossbar.

Immediately after that, Alvarez received a pass from Levinfried Plevkovic, so the goalkeeper made a mistake and the match referee awarded a penalty kick.

Messi executed the penalty kick in the 34th minute, with a powerful shot to the left of the goalkeeper, which hit the net to announce Argentina’s progress.

Argentina added the second goal in the 39th minute, from a quick counterattack, after which Alvarez launched from the midfield, until he reached the penalty area, hitting the ball into the net.

Argentina almost added the third goal in the 43rd minute, with a follow-up by McAllister to Messi’s cross from a corner kick, hitting Levakovic’s brilliance header in the tackle, to end the first half with Argentina’s lead with two goals without a response.

Argentina started the second half strongly, with a shot from Paredes from outside the penalty area in the 49th minute, which Levakovic caught.

Fernandez passed magic through to Messi inside the area in the 58th minute, and the latter hit Levakovic’s brilliant ball in response.

Argentina fired a coup de grace at Croatia by adding the third goal in the 69th minute, after Messi manipulated Gvardiol on the right side of the penalty area, before passing a magic ball to Alvarez, who in turn hit the ball directly into the net.

Croatia tried to reduce the difference in the 73rd minute, through a violation committed by Perisic, hitting a ground ball that Martinez caught.

Perisic returned to try again in the 75th minute, with a shot from outside the penalty area, which went wide of the goal.

Substitute Orsic searched for Martinez’s surprise in the 78th minute, with a curved shot from the left side of the penalty area, but his ball went wide as well.

Argentina missed a real opportunity to add the fourth goal in the 83rd minute after Dybala passed a magic ball to McAllister inside the area, who in turn hit a direct ball at the bird, which passed just past the post.

Croatia almost narrowed the difference in the 85th minute, after Perisic followed up a cross from a corner kick, passing a header that passed in front of Lovren’s feet, who was in the 6-yard area in front of the empty net.

In the 89th minute, Magir hit a ball from outside the area, Martinez caught it easily, and the match ended with Argentina winning 3-0.

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