Manchester City beat Chelsea with a goal from Julián Álvarez for the EFL Cup


Manchester City -Chelsea FC -Played on 11/09/2022

chelsea Manchester City beat Chelsea 2-0 in the 16th final of the English League Cup. Julián Álvarez and Riyad Mahrez, the authors of the goals.

Manchester City beat Chelsea 2-0 for the 16th final of the EFL Cup , the English League Cup. Riyad Mahrez and Julián Álvarez , the Citizens’ goals at the Etihad Stadium. Below, I relived the best of the game.

Riyad Mahrez , decisive up front, and Stefan Ortega , key in goal, decided the classification of Manchester City , which eliminated Chelsea from the League Cup with a 2-0 victory based on appearances by the Algerian midfielder and interventions by the goalkeeper German. The wall formed by Mendy ended up being broken by Mahrez. He did it when the match was approaching the last third and with the help of Kalidou Koulibaly, the only one who did not jump the barrier who tried to stop a perfectly executed free kick by the Algerian player.

The 1-0 emboldened City, which immediately increased the difference. Great change of front from Julián Álvarez to Mahrez, who kicked on goal and, after the goalkeeper rebounded, the Argentine only had to push it . In the end, he endured without frights and the glory went to Mahrez with his success and Ortega with his interventions.

match summary
Manchester City overcomes the ‘bone’ of Chelsea and goes to the round of 16 of the Carabao Cup. Pep Guardiola’s team beat Potter’s thanks to the blows of Riyad Mahrez and Julián Álvarez and the stops of Stefan Ortega, who claimed as an excellent understudy for Ederson. 

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Full Time! 2-0
City eliminates Chelsea from the Carabao Cup. 

Min 90+3
Foul on Cucurella. This is over now. 

Min 90+2
We’ll go to 94. 

Min 90
Chelsea goal disallowed! Strange play. Pulisic’s center that Ortega eats, Aké clears badly and crashes the ball against the wood. Second ‘blue’ shot that ran into Ortega and scored Pulisic coming back from off the field. That is offside, so the goal will not go up on the scoreboard. 

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min 89
Rifirrafe between Azpilicueta and Grealish. Both warned. 

min 88
Mount has had it! He misses the shot on goal to the Englishman from Chelsea. It was this.

min 87
Aké sends another center for a corner with the intention of Azpilicueta. 

min 84
Azpilicueta candy in the form of the center but Pulisic finishes off fatally. 

min 83
Havertz center that remains unfinished. 

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min 81
Applause for Laporte, who leaves for Aké to enter. 

min 77
Chelsea wants to get into the game. He looks for a goal to achieve it, but for now the 2-0 remains immovable.

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Min 76
Havertz is Chelsea’s latest change. Young Lewis Hall retires. 

min 75
Ortega secures the ball. Great night for the City goalkeeper. 

min 73
My goodness Ortega! It was offside for Chelsea, but the save by City’s German goalkeeper was anthology. Another sensational hand to prevent Pulisic’s goal. 

min 70
City does not lose control. Calmly touch the ‘citizen’ box. 

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min 68
Changes at Chelsea. Mount, Gallagher, Azpilicueta and Sterling enter in the place of Broja, Chalobah, Zakaria and Ziyech. 

min 67
Cucurella blocks Grealish’s shot. The Englishman does not give up, but at the moment he is not finding the goal. 

Min 65
City tries to calm the game after this latest scare. 

Min 63
Tremendous stop by Ortega! Great play by Ziyech and a point-blank shot by Lewis Hall that the City goalkeeper manages to stop. 

min 61
New arrival from City with a low shot from Palmer that stops Mendy. The ‘blue’ team played very well.

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Min. 58 Goooooooooal for Manchester City! 2-0
Another blow from City, which marks the counterattack. Book counterattack from Guargiola’s painting. Mendy stopped Mahrez’s first shot, but he could do nothing to prevent Julián Álvarez’s goal by chasing the rebound. 

min 56
Ziyech bursts it and the opportunity is lost for Chelsea. 

min 56
The center of Ziyech is poisoned. Ortega puts out his hand just in case and gives up a corner. 

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Min. 54 Goooooooooal for Manchester City! 1-0
Mahrez nails it from a direct free kick. Koulibaly did not jump and that was the launch of the Algerian from City. 

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Min 53
Warning for Chalobah after a clear foul at the edge of the area. Danger for Chelsea. 

min 52
Mendy double stop! Both at the feet of Grealish. The Englishman from City doesn’t believe it. He will dream of the Chelsea goalkeeper who has made two stratospheric saves out of his hat.

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min 50
Double change in the City. Bernardo Silva and Kalvin Phillips enter for Gündogan and Rodri. English reappears after several months off.

min 48
Mahredz falls inside the box after a tackle by Cucurella. The Catalan was fine to take the ball from him. 

Min 47
Like a rondo Chelsea. City fails to steal the ball despite their strong pressure. 

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Again in game the City-Chelsea
The ball rolls again in Manchester. 

Only goals are missing in this duel between City and Chelsea. Guardiola’s men sought the goal more insistently, but Chelsea resisted the local attacks well in an exciting first half. Everything is pending for the second act. 

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Rest in Manchester! 0-0
The players go to the changing rooms after a nice first half. 

Min 45+2
Chelsea takes it out. 

Minimum 45+1
Lateral foul for City. It will be the last play of the first half. 

min 44
What a stop from Ortega! The City goalkeeper goes to the ground to deny Lewis Hall’s goal. Chelsea’s young talent sat down Rico Lewis before finishing. 

min 41
Mendy stop! He was looking for the long stick for Grealish’s shot but found the hand of the Chelsea goalkeeper. Corner. 

Min 40
Grealish continues to roam freely in a very complete first half of English.

min 39
The game is very even. Although it is true that City has sought more goals, Chelsea is knowing how to deactivate Guaridola’s men and even connect long plays with the ball at their feet. 

min 36
The center of Grealish ends at the hands of Mendy. 

min 35
Lewis Hall’s game changer was excellent and Laporte’s cut was even better to deactivate a play with a lot of danger. 

min 34
The goals still haven’t come in this City-Chelsea. 

Min 33
Good start from Ortega to clear the danger. 

min 31
Low center with danger from Rico Lewis. The ball is passed in front of the Chelsea goal without finding a finisher. 

min 29
City chance! Quickly recover the ‘sky blue’ set and finish off with danger through Julián Álvarez. It will be a corner for Guardiola’s men. 

Min 28
Bad delivery by Sergio Gómez in his attempt to change the game. It will be the ball for Chelsea. 

Min 25
City insists on the left wing. 

Min 23
Great save from Ortega! Find spaces for Chelsea and test the gloves of City’s German goalkeeper, who repels Pulisic’s dangerous shot. 

min 21
Another shot on City’s goal. Gündogan tries again, although he fails to beat Mendy. 

min 19
He throws Gündogan subtly, but the shot misses something. 

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min 17
Koulibaly’s foul on Gralish, who was already heading towards the goal. City will have a good chance at set pieces. 

min 15
Patient City moving the ball. Chelsea came out to put pressure and made it difficult for Guardiola’s men to advance. 

min 13
Bitten shot by Pulisic that Ortega manages to clear. The occasion is very clear for Chelsea. The American shot badly. 

Min 10
Bombardment of the City, with a shot by Grealish that does not take a goal. 

Min 9
Very active Grealish in this match start. He launched it against the Englishman and gave it to a Julián Álvarez who takes a corner. 

Min 9
Chelsea long ball that ends at the hands of Ortega. 

min 8
Chelsea try to lengthen their possession to catch their breath.

Min 6
Cucurella manages to stop Palmer on the left wing. City have already bottled up Chelsea in their field. 

Min 4
Chelsea blocks Grealish’s attempt at speed. He will be corner. 

Min 3
Now the offside is Broja when Chelsea wanted to run behind the City defense. 

Min 1
City wanted to progress down the left side. Grealish is offside. 

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Start the match!
The ball is already rolling at City of Manchester. City and Chelsea seek to get into the round of 16 of the Carabao Cup. 

Chelsea rotation
Potter takes advantage of the Carabao Cup to rest Sterling, Aubameyang, Thiago Silva and Mount. 

Haaland on the bench
Guardiola already announced yesterday that the Norwegian is still not one hundred percent, however he is among the substitutes in case it is necessary to get the match off the ground. Other heavyweights like De Bruyne or Bernardo Silva also have a break from the start. 

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Guardiola’s City comes out with Ortega; Rico Lewis, Rúben Dias, Laporte, Sergio Gómez; Palmer, Rodri, Gundogan; Maherz, Julian Alvarez, and Grealish. 

On the bench (and what a bench) are Ederson (ps), Aké, Akanji, Stones, Bernardo Silva, De Bruyne, Kalvin Phillips, Foden and Haaland.

For its part, Graham Potter’s Chelsea starts with Mendy; Chalobah, Zakaria, Koulibaly; Pulisic, Loftus-Cheek, Kovacic, Cucurella; Ziyech, Lewis Hall; and Broja.

The bench is made up of Bettinelli (ps), Thiago Silva, Azpilicueta, Mount, Gallagher, Havertz, Aubameyang, Hutchinson, Sterling.  


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