Manchester City easily makes its way to the quarter-finals of the cup


Goals: Bristol City – Manchester City – Played on 02/28/2023

Manchester City made its way to the quarter-finals of the FA Cup competition, with an easy victory on Tuesday night at its host Bristol City (3-0), in the final price competition.

Manchester City scored Phil Foden in the two minutes (7 and 74) and Kevin De Bruyne (81).

The Manchester City coach rested a number of key players in this position, such as Norwegian striker Erling Haaland, Spanish midfielder Rodri, and Brazilian goalkeeper Ederson.

Manchester City almost opened the scoring in the third minute, when English midfielder Phillips fired a long-range shot that hit Bristol’s crossbar.

City opened the scoring in the seventh minute, when Foden followed up from close range, with a low cross that Riyad Mahrez sent him from the right to score.

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Foden found enough space to point a cross toward Alvarez, who failed to reach it despite standing in a comfortable position in the 16th minute.

Bristol player Alex Scott surprised Manchester City in the 19th minute when he fired a powerful shot, which was saved by goalkeeper Stefan Ortega.

Manchester City came close to adding the second goal in the 23rd minute when the ball reached De Bruyne, who chose to shoot instead of passing to Mahrez.

De Bruyne penetrated from the left, before hitting a ball with his right that settled in the stands in the 31st minute, and Bristol player Bell responded to him in the 34th minute, when he directed a shot from outside the penalty area over the goal.

The rhythm of the game calmed down a bit, before De Bruyne got a pass from Foden, to get rid of his marker with a technical movement, before shooting wide of the goal in the 43rd minute.


Manchester City goalkeeper Ortega went off with an injury at halftime, and Ederson entered his place, who reached a ball with his heel before Bristol’s Bale reached it in the 49th minute.

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Aki passed the ball to Foden, who made his way before passing it from the left in front of the goal, but Alvarez failed to reach it in the 52nd minute.

The referee awarded a free kick in favor of Manchester City in the 60th minute, De Bruyne rushed to hit the human wall, Alvarez received a pass from De Bruyne, and hit a creeping ball that was caught by the Bristol goalkeeper in the 65th minute.

Bristol came close to leveling the score in the 71st minute when Scott’s pass in front of the goal reached Bale, who fired the ball past the near post.

Manchester City was able to extend its lead with a second goal in the 74th minute, when Alvarez elegantly passed the ball towards Foden, who shot it creeping towards the far post, settling into the goal after a touch on its way from Bristol City defender Fenner.

De Bruyne eliminated any hope for Bristol to return to the course of the match, by scoring the third goal in the 81st minute, after a low shot to the left of the goalkeeper, without anything new happening in the remaining time.

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