Manchester City tightens the noose on Arsenal by four in Bournemouth

Goals: Bournemouth – Manchester City – Played on 02/25/ 2023

Manchester City defeated Bournemouth, 4-1, this evening, Saturday, at the Vitality Stadium, in the 25th round of the English Premier League.

Julian Alvarez (15), Erling Haaland (29), Phil Foden (45), and Chris Mepham (51) accidentally scored the City quadruple, while Bournemouth scored Jefferson Lerma (83).

City raised its tally to 55 points in second place, behind leaders Arsenal with 57 points and has a postponed match, while Bournemouth’s balance is stuck at 21 points in 19th place.

The first attempt in the match came in favor of Manchester City in the 7th minute, with a powerful shot from outside the penalty area through Rodrigo, which passed next to the post.

City opened the scoring in the 15th minute when Erling Haaland hit the crossbar, and Alvarez followed it up in front of the goal with a shot into the net.

City searched for adding the second goal in the 21st minute, with Diaz following up a cross from a corner executed by Foden, hitting a header that passed next to the post.

And Manchester City succeeded in adding the second goal in the 29th minute after Gundogan sent a cross that reached Haaland, who was uncensored, to score in the net.

Bournemouth appeared offensively with a shot from Lerma that went over the crossbar, then his colleague Billing hit a powerful ball from outside the area, which was caught by goalkeeper Ederson.

City scored the third goal after Billing missed a pass, so Foden killed it, unleashed the goalkeeper, and hit the net, to end the first half (3-0).

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The City Goals Festival continued with the start of the second half, adding the fourth goal in the 51st minute after Alvarez hit a powerful ball that hit Mepham and hit the net.

Aki tried to write his name on the list of scorers with a shot that was blocked by Neto, then the Dutch star appeared again when his ball went wide of the goal.

The match calmed down in the following minutes, until substitute Gomez appeared, with a shot from outside the area that hit the Bournemouth defense, and just over the crossbar.

Bournemouth succeeded in scoring in the 83rd minute, after Diaz made a mistake in deflecting a ball into the area, to be followed by Lerma with a powerful shot that hit the net.

Anthony penetrated the left side, hitting a powerful ball that passed just past the post, and Gomez responded with a shot from outside the area that went far from the goal.

Mahrez committed a violation at the borders of the area in the third minute of stoppage time, hitting a ball that went over the crossbar, and the match ended with City winning (4-1).

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