Manchester United beat Bournemouth by three

Video goals : Manchester United-Bournemouth-Played on 01/03/ 2023

Manchester United continued its strong performances recently, by defeating its guest Bournemouth 3-0, this evening, Tuesday, at Old Trafford, in the 19th round matches of the English Premier League.

United scored Casemiro hat-trick in the 23rd minute, Luke Shaw in the 49th minute, and Marcus Rashford in the 86th minute.

With that result, Manchester United raised its score to 35 points in fourth place, while Bournemouth froze at 16 points in fifteenth place.

The first attempt in the match came in favor of Manchester United, with Anthony Martial rising to a cross from Shaw from the left side, hitting a header that passed next to the post.

Bournemouth’s response came in the 17th minute, by obtaining a foul on the left side, which Anthony executed with a direct shot that passed near the post.

Manchester United opened the scoring in the 23rd minute after Casemiro followed a cross from a violation committed by Christian Eriksen, hitting from inside the six-yard area a direct ball at the bird that hit the net.


Bournemouth tried to respond quickly in the 28th minute, rising from Solanki to a cross and hitting a header that went wide of the goal.

The match calmed down in the following minutes until Van de Beek was injured in the 42nd minute, after contact with Senese, and he was unable to complete the match, to leave the field and Garanacho took his place, to end the first half with United advancing (1-0).

Manchester United started the second half strongly, adding the second goal in the 49th minute, after a kick-off from Shaw by the midfield, passing the ball to Fernandez and from him to Garanacho on the right side of the penalty area, who sent a cross, followed by Shaw with a direct shot that hit the net.

United missed a real opportunity to add the third goal in the 55th minute, after Casemiro sent a distinctive cross, Martial raised it with a header that passed shortly to the post.

Bournemouth appeared offensively in the second half, with Billing following up a cross with a powerful header. De Gea shone in stopping it in the 58th minute.

De Gea returned to shine immediately after that in the 59th minute, by blocking a powerful shot from Anthony from inside the penalty area.

After a period of calm, Rashford hit a ground ball from the edge of the area in the 71st minute, which passed next to the post.

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Fernandez tried to surprise the Bournemouth goalkeeper with a shot from outside the area in the 77th minute, but his ball went over the crossbar.

Garanacho almost scored the third for United in the 78th minute, with a distinctive curved shot from inside the area, which hit the post.

And United continued to crawl towards Bournemouth, with a powerful shot from Dalot from inside the area in the 81st minute, Travers excelled in repelling it to a corner kick.

Garanacho followed him up inside the area, hitting a direct ball that was blocked by the Bournemouth goalkeeper.

Bournemouth searched for an honorary goal in the 83rd minute, with a shot from Anthony from inside the area, which passed next to the post.

Rashford scored the third goal in the 86th minute, after Fernandez received a through from Shaw inside the area, to pass the bird to Rashford, who was free from control next to him, and shot directly into the net.

De Gea continued to shine by blocking a distinguished shot from Anthony in the second minute of stoppage time, to end the match with United winning 3-0.

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