Manchester United Loses 1-0 to West Ham in Premier League Match


West Ham Scores Only Goal

Manchester United lost to West Ham in a Premier League match held at the London Olympic Stadium. West Ham scored the only goal of the match, which was made by Saeed Benrahma in the 27th minute. With this win, West Ham now has 37 points and is in 15th place, while Manchester United has 63 points and is in fourth place.

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Manchester United’s Attempts

Manchester United tried to score in the second minute with a curved shot from Rashford, but it went over the crossbar. Fernandez followed with a powerful ground strike in the seventh minute, but it passed just past the post. United continued to advance towards West Ham’s goal, with Vighurst paving a chest ball for Anthony inside the area in the tenth minute, but the Brazilian hit a powerful ground ball that passed next to the post. Anthony then paved the ball for Eriksen at the border of the area in the 15th minute, and the Dane hit a direct ball that went over the crossbar. Rashford hit a powerful ground ball from inside the area in the 18th minute, which hit the post. Fernandez returned to try with a shot from outside the area in the 19th minute, which went wide of the goal.

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West Ham’s Goal

West Ham succeeded in opening the scoring against the course of play and from the first attempt in the 27th minute, with a kick from Ben Rahma in the depth, hitting a ball from outside the area, De Gea mishandled it to enter the net. West Ham almost added the second in the 30th minute, when Bowen received a ground cross inside the area, hitting a direct ball that went weak in the hands of De Gea.


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Second Half Attempts

Manchester United appeared in the second half for the first time in the 56th minute, with a shot from Vighurst from outside the area, which Fabianski caught. Paqueta penetrated the left side of the penalty area in the 63rd minute, sending a cross, which Sochik followed with a shot on the bird, which passed shortly to the post. West Ham missed the opportunity to add the second goal in the 66th minute, with a shot from Paqueta from inside the area, Antonio changed its direction with a header that passed next to the post. United searched for the equalizer in the 77th minute, with a powerful shot from Rashford from inside the area, Fabianski shone in deflecting it to a corner kick. Martial penetrated into the penalty area in the first minute of stoppage time, hitting a ball that Fabianski pushed into a corner, and the match ended with West Ham winning 1-0.

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