Manchester United stumbles against the bottom of the Premier League

Summary: Manchester United -Southampton – Played on March 12, 2023

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A negative tie settled the confrontation between Manchester United and Southampton, today, Sunday, at Old Trafford, in the 27th round of the English Premier League.

Manchester United raised its score to 50 points in third place, while Southampton remained in the “last” 20th place, with 22 points.

The first attempt in the match came in the 10th minute for Southampton, with a shot by Peters from the edge of the area, but De Gea saved it.

Manchester United responded in the 16th minute with an incursion from Marcus Rashford into the penalty area, hitting a ground ball that Bazuno saved.

Southampton almost opened the scoring in the 24th minute, with Walcott rising to a cross from Perrod, hitting De Gea’s header to clear it.

Manchester United returned to try with a curved shot from outside the area through Fernandez in the 27th minute, but it went over the crossbar.

In the 31st minute, Shaw sent a cross into the area, which Vighurst did not expect, to hit a weak header that went easily into the hands of Bazuno.

United suffered a major blow by expelling Casemiro in the 34th minute, after returning to the VAR technique, after his violent intervention on Alcaraz.

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And Bruce hit a direct ball that hit Vighurst and changed its direction, shortly before it passed near the post, while De Gea was watching.

United wasted a real opportunity in the 39th minute, after Varane hit a brilliant ball by Bazuno in the tackle, to end the first half (0-0).

Southampton almost opened the scoring after Peters sent a cross and McTominay accidentally hit the goal, but Bissaka pushed it away.

The crossbar sympathized with United in the 54th minute, when James Ward-Prowse’s shot, which he executed from a violation, hit the crossbar.

Southampton continued to miss opportunities, when Walcott singled out De Gea in the 62nd minute, hitting the Spanish goalkeeper’s brilliance in stopping it.

The response came from United in the 68th minute, with a powerful shot from Bruno Fernandez from outside the area, Bazuno pushed it away and hit the post afterward.

Al-Qaim’s sympathy for Manchester United continued when he blocked a missile from Peters in the 70th minute from inside the penalty area.

Southampton sought to exploit the numerical shortage to snatch the lead with a shot from Walcott that went over the crossbar, then the match ended in a draw (0-0).

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