Manchester United’ win a treble against Brentford

Manchester United’ regained their equilibrium by defeating Brentford 3-0 in the 35th round of the English Premier League at Old Trafford on Monday evening.

Manchester United'

Bruno Fernandes (9), Cristiano Ronaldo (61) and Raphael Varane each scored a hat-trick (72).

Manchester United’s score increased to 58 points, putting them in sixth place, while Brentford’s score remained at 40 points, putting them in 14th place.
In the second minute, Brentford created the first threat of the game with a shot through Henry that went wide.
After Ronaldo received a remarkable contact and was alone with the Brentford goalie in the third minute, United missed a genuine chance to open the score, but he failed to capitalize.

Following that Ronaldo received a remarkable contact and found himself alone with the Brentford goalie in the third minute, but he failed to tame the ball and United lost a good chance to open the score.
In the ninth minute, United took the lead after Ilanga got a remarkable penetration on the right side of the penalty area and sent a cross that Fernandez followed up with a direct shot that found the back of the net.
Brentford attempted to level the scoring in the 11th minute with a powerful shot from outside the penalty area by Eriksen, which De Gea saved.

Manchester United’ vs Brentford

Mbiomo climbed to a cross and struck a header that went just wide of the post in the 17th minute, restoring Brentford’s threat.

In the 22nd minute, Brentford increased their pressure as Eriksen fired a cross into the area,

which Tony rose to head slightly over the crossbar.

While in the 24th minute, Ronaldo committed a foul by sending a strong ball directly at Raya, who saved it twice.
In the 32nd minute, United almost added a second goal after Ronaldo played a magical ball

with his heel to Mata inside the box, who then fired a tremendous ball that barely went past the post.

In the 37th minute, Brentford made a comeback with a strong shot from Tony from the right

side of the penalty box that went just wide of the post.

United added a second goal through Ronaldo in the 44th minute, but the match referee

ruled it out for infiltration after referring to the instant reply, therefore the first half

finished with United leading by a goal.

Tony followed up in the second half with a cross following a foul in the 47th minute, hitting

a ball at the bird from within the area that went wide of the goal.

Watch the goals of the match Manchester United vs Brentford

fantastic interface inside the area

In the 53rd minute, Manchester had a great chance to score a second goal when Fernandez

received a fantastic interface inside the area that was unique to the Brentford goalie, but he

shot a ground ball that just went beyond the post.

Eriksen attempted to change the outcome for Brentford by fouling with a powerful shot in

the 55th minute, which De Gea starred in.

In the 57th minute, De Gea showed his brilliance by saving a powerful shot from Tony from

inside the box.

After Ronaldo was fouled by Henry in the 60th minute, United was awarded a penalty kick,

which Cristiano converted with a strong effort to the right of the goalkeeper in the 61st minute.

Varane scored United’s third goal in the 72nd minute after a cross from a corner kick was

headed in by the bird that had taken up residence in the window.

Indeed, In the 82nd minute, Fernandez attempted to add a fourth goal with a powerful effort from

the edge of the box that connected with the Brentford defenders and just passed near to

the post, concluding the match with a 3-0 Manchester United victory.