Milan shocks Spezia with Giroud’s goal


Today, in the 13th round of the Italian League, Milan shocks Spezia as Milan won a 2-1 victory over its visiting Spezia team. The match was played at the San Siro stadium.

AC_Milan – #Spezia – Played on 11/05/ 2022

Theo Hernandez (21) and Olivier Giroud (89) scored goals for Milan, and Daniel Maldini

scored a goal for Spezia (59).

With this win, Milan improved its score to 29 points, placing it in second position overall,

while Spezia’s total remained unchanged at 9 points, placing it in seventeenth.

Milan swiftly got into the game’s spirit when, after only 43 seconds, Origi met a cross from

Theo Hernandez into the box with a direct shot after only one touch. It exceeded the


After a short corner kick was sent within the box in the 12th minute, Spezia defender Caldara

responded with a heel shot at the goal. Tatarusano, the star goalie for Milan, sent it away

for a corner.
One minute later, Rafael Liao launched a counterattack after making an outstanding

individual effort. The Portuguese winger passed with excellent physical strength from three

Spezia players on the left flank to penetrate and pass a wonderful ball to Origi, who fired a

ground shot that Milan goalkeeper Dragovsky expertly kept out of the net.

After Krunic fired a rocket shot that hit the crossbar, bounced and found Liao on the left side

of the area, and crossed the direction of Diaz to strike it with a header, Milan had a double

chance in the 16th minute.

Junior Messias struck a powerful effort from outside the box in the 17th minute, but the

Spezia goalkeeper blocked it with his fist and it went into the corner as Milan kept up its

relentless pressure on the Spezia goal.

Milan shocks Spezia

When Liao received the ball outside the penalty area in the 45th minute, he fired a hard shot


with his left foot that struck a Spezia player, changed course and hit the crossbar before

rebounding back to Krunic, who then fired a shot toward the middle of the goal, which the goalkeeper stopped with his foot outside the penalty area.
And in the final seconds of the half, after brilliantly passing Bourbaiah from Bin Nasser on the right side and crossing the field within the six-yard box, he lost the chance to tie the score by failing to follow it down with the net, touch it, and pass outside the field.

Spezia midfielder Daniel Maldini scored the equalizer in the 59th minute, who received the ball on the edge of the area, cut inside from the left side, and fired a strong and graceful shot to the left of goalkeeper Tatarusano.
, Sandro Tonali scored a beautiful goal for Milan in the 65th minute after Origi passed the ball from the right side to the edges of the area. However, the referee later reviewed the video and decided that Tomori, a defender, had committed a foul for his forceful intervention on the downs just prior to the goal attack.

When the ball reached substitute Charles de Kittelar in front of the goal in the 86th minute, he struck it oddly, causing it to strike a Spezia defender and go out for a corner.
After receiving a beautiful cross from Tonali and connecting with it with a wonderful shot on goal, Giroud, who entered the game as a substitute in the second half, scored the game-winning goal for Milan in the 89th minute. Giroud was sent off for celebrating the goal by taking off his shirt, earning him a second yellow and then a red card.


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