Paris Saint-Germain! gets a Golden Trio

In the encounter between the two clubs that took place today, Wednesday, in the second round of the Champions League group stage, Paris Saint-Germain! secured a stunning victory against its host Maccabi Haifa.

Maccabi Haifa – Paris Saint Germain Played on 09/ 14/ 2022

The hosts took the lead in the 24th minute on a goal from Chery, and Saint-Germain

answered with three goals from Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, and Neymar in the 37th, 69th,

and 88th minutes.

The winner of the French league increased his lead to 6 points at the top of Group H,

while Maccabi Haifa dropped to the bottom of the standings after suffering its second

consecutive defeat.

Mbappe nearly scored after less than two minutes, but the goalie denied him.

PSG established control early on.
The offensive intensity of the Paris giant was lacking, and Messi, Neymar, and Vetnia’s

efforts were insufficient to score.

Gianluigi Donnarumma, the goalkeeper for Paris Saint-Germain, got a surprise goal in his

net amidst total Parisian dominance.

Following this strike, Saint-Germain
perplexed while the home team was rather active

and made a strong push against Donnarumma in search of the second goal.

After 13 minutes, Messi disengaged and equalized, but Mbappe and Marquinhos wasted two

chances for Paris before the first half ended.

Paris Saint-Germain!

Slowly, Saint-Germain came into the second half of the game rather slowly, giving its opponent the chance to trade blows, but the visitors had the advantage due to their superior experience.
Messi was occasionally involved and came close to scoring twice before passing the ball to Mbappe, who added a second goal for the visitors to turn the game around.
Coach Christoph Galtet retained the starting lineup despite Saint-underwhelming Germain’s performance and did not make any changes to the bench until the last 30 minutes.

Vitina was replaced by Fabian Ruiz, then five minutes before the game’s conclusion, Nordi Mukele was changed out for Ashraf Hakimi.

After receiving a ball from Marco Verratti, Neymar took advantage of Maccabi Haifa’s lines breaking down and eventual collapse to score the third goal.

When the game’s extra time, which lasted more than 7 minutes, began, Neymar departed the field to replace Carlos Soler.

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