PSG end Club Brugge’s European campaign

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PSG end Club Brugge’s European campaign

Mbappe and Messi end Club Brugge’s European campaign

PSG beat Belgian guest Club Brugge, 4-1, on Tuesday in the sixth round of the Champions League.
Where Mbappe and Messi end Club Brugge’s European campaign.

PSG goals Kylian Mbappe scored a “double” and Lionel Messi a “double” in minutes 2, 7, 38, and 76. While Mats Ritts scored Club Brugge’s only goal in the 68th minute.

Saint-Germain took their tally to 11 points in second place. While their guest tally froze at 4 points, overcharging the chance to go into the Europa League competition.

Match events

The Parisian giants did not give the Belgian side the chance to catch their breath. But rather hit their own goal with an early goal 70 seconds later through Mbappe, taking advantage of goalkeeper Simon Mignolet’s error in dealing with a Nuno Mendes cross.

Less than two minutes later, Mignolet saved his own goal from an emphatic chance missed by Wijnaldum. Before Mbappe added a second after a brilliant pass from Angel Di Maria.

PSG also threatened the goal with further tries from Di Maria and Idrissa Jaye. While Donnarumma had his first Test after 24 minutes, handling it with utter vigilance.

Amid an open game came the turn on Lionel Messi, threatening Brugge’s goal timidly, before scoring the third with impressive skill after a rocket kick-off from teammate Mbappe.

As for Mats Ritts, he failed to exploit Donnarumma’s pass error. While Mbappe ended the events of the first half with a shot that touched the crossbar.

Club Brugge started the second half with better performance, seeking to narrow the deficit as they went closer to Donnarumma’s goal more than once via tries from de Kittelier and the Rits.

While Paris lost an early substitution with Tilo Kerrer taking the place of Nuno Mendes who complained of an injury.

Not only did Paris watch as Mignolet made two dangerous saves from Di Maria and Mbappe. Before the visitors narrowed the gap with a goal scored by the Rits.

Here Mauricio Pochettino moved with two switches at once involving Ander Herrera and Leandro Paredes in place of Di Maria and Idrissa Jaye.

Amid the visitors’ awakening, Messi added a fourth for Saint-Germain and his second with a penalty, which he calmly fired.

In the closing minutes, Mauro Icardi and Ibembe shared the place of Mbappe and Verratti, amid a huge tribute to Kylian for his performance in the match.

Club Brugge succumbed to their loss, with their players seemingly not focused, while Icardi missed a golden opportunity to add a fifth goal, to end their campaign with an honorable victory that knocked their Belgian counterpart out of European competitions.

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