PSG” surprised by Troyes in the Parc des Princes

PSG” though, are struggling to finish the season in style. After recent draws against Lens (1-1) and Strasbourg (0-0), PSG was forced to put on a show for its fans at the Parc des Princes, which remained mute this Sunday evening (3-3).

Paris Saint-Germain-Troyes goals video 2-2


Everything started well for the club in the capital, with Marquinhos‘ goal, Di Maria’s

exquisite service, and a Trojan defense that had not yet entered its match putting the club in

front (1-0, 6th). Mbappé then earned a penalties, which Neymar converted superbly to put

the game out of reach (2-0, 25th).

We expected to see Paris Saint-Germain play their penultimate match on their own turf, but

the Rouge et Bleu lacked attention, as they typically do at the end of the season. Mendes

didn’t show up few minitues after the break. Ugbo could then return to chain, lowering the

score (2-1, 30th). Nothing was going well for PSG as they returned from the locker room, as

they had conceded a penalty, which Tardieu converted with a panenka (2-2, 49th).

Despite a goal denied to Neymar (58th minute), Paris lacked rhythm in the second half and

even gave the Aube club hope. Finally, PSG will complete their match on a third consecutive tie and under the whistles before traveling to Montpellier. ESTAC earns a valuable point for the Parc des Princes’ maintenance and will be able to seal its place in the Elite against Lens in front of its home crowd.

PSG” vs Troyes: After the draw, Marquinhos’ reaction

Marquinhos, who scored the game’s first goal, and Paris Saint-Germain were forced to settle for a 2-2 draw against Troyes at the Parc des Princes. At the end of the season, it does not appear to be a major issue for PSG’s captain.
“We had possession of the ball, but it was the small nuances that determined the outcome, we don’t play as much anymore because we’re champions, we play for fun and hope to win so that we may end the week peacefully. We didn’t win, though, We still had control of the game, and we tried to do the right thing, but the outcome wasn‘t ideal” he stated

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