Real Betis thrashed Valencia

Real Betis thrashed Valencia (0-3) at Mestalla, demonstrating that they had definitely taken the measure this season against a Valencia side that lost resoundingly at the Benito Villamarn and gave nothing up in the Copa del Rey final on penalties.

Watch the goals of Real Betis Valencia

Real Betis

It took over an hour for Willian José to end almost three months of drought and relieve

strain and tension from a team, his, that had gone four days without victory.

Canals and Borja Iglesias completed off a score with a bonus: if the Champions League

dream appears to be forgotten, fifth place is almost certain.

To begin, many flashbacks to April 23 in La Cartuja, with a Heliopolitan team taking the

initiative, perhaps less aggressive than then, but lucid in their movements in the opposite

field, while the host this Tuesday pressed in all areas of the field to draw quick transitions,

such as the one from Alderete to Hugo Duro after three minutes, with a better ending for

the Verdiblanco interests, because the ex-Getafe player had to play it from quite a

Meanwhile, Rodri’s presence in the middle line provided the present azulinos with an

enormous capacity for association with Canales and Fekir, as well as a better offensive

presence on lex Moreno’s flank.

Real Betis vs Valencia

Willian José crossed his attempt too much from the front in one of those vertiginous deeds

with the ’10’ and the ‘8’ as protagonists, prolonging his drought a little longer.

After fifteen minutes, the game was ruled by inaccuracies, with Betis plagued by a lack of

skill. A new high recovery by Pellegrini’s kids, however, resulted in a straight attack in which

William Carvalho was overly entertained, and his effort was blocked. The transition to the

front of the team was obvious, with improved success under pressure, albeit without

‘punch.’ Rodri was unable to match Diakhaby’s speed in the 27th minute, as the latter sliced

the ball well inside the area without even seeking a penalty. After a poor delivery by

Alderete, a superior counterattack was launched, which the Paraguayan cut short with a foul

on Guido in the semicircle, which Canales performed at point-blank range, deflecting

Mamardashvili as best he could.

Racic, the world champion, and Moriba would then be buoyed by the same luck from afar.

Since the epilogue was dull, lukewarm, light years distant from the Cup final and devoid of

deserving arrivals, because Bryan Gil’s header from Carlos Soler’s pass, which Rui Silva

aborted, would have been ruled offside if it had ended up in the net. Valencia, on the other

hand, raised the intensity after passing through the locker rooms, keeping the foreigners in

their field and striking primarily from the outside. But it was the ‘Engineer’ squad who

scored: Rodri recovers, Canales tempers, and Willian José has patience in the area to cut his

pair and beat Mamardashvili off foot with his left foot. Almost three months later, he saw

the Brazilian door again.

The goal soothed Betis and energized the hosts. Bordalás switched to a four-man defense

and a much more offensive approach, with Guedes, Maxi Gómez, and Hugo Duro on the

field, while the azulinos kept doing their thing: in fact, a good bailout by Carvalho forced

Fekir’s superior counterattack, who chose to play it from a distance with a tight shot, with

Juanmi, Canales, and Willian José better placed a priori to sentence. The black-and-white

answer signed by the Portuguese attacker, whose death pass cleared at the goalmouth by Pezzella, who would not have reached Rui Silva. Pellegrini immediately grabbed Joaqun and

Miranda in quest of inspiration and air.

However on the buzzer, with the locals despondent and disappointed, the goal of the past

reappeared, with a series of quick and vertical thievery and transition moves that netted two

more goals. The first, following Sabaly’s terrific drumming on Jess Vázquez’s back to leave

her behind, which Juanmi did not control properly and Canales scored.

Moreover Borja Iglesias madethe wall with Miranda to grab the third to an empty goal

without a continuity option and on the verge of being offside. An unexpectedly big prize for

Betis, who won once more to leave fifth place almost ready, a success without qualms

despite being so close to the Champions.

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