Real Madrid presents a gift to Barcelona with a sudden fall

Goals: Mallorca – Real Madrid – Played on 02/ 05/ 2023

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Real Madrid suffered a surprising defeat, today, Sunday, in its last match before competing in the Club World Cup, with a score (0-1) against its host, Real Mallorca, in the 20th round of La Liga at the “Iberostar” stadium.

Mallorca’s goal was scored by Nacho, the Merengue defender, by mistake, in the 13th minute.

With this loss, Real Madrid’s balance froze at 45 points, in second place in the La Liga table, 5 points behind Barcelona, who played one less game, while Mallorca raised its score to 28 points, in tenth place.

Mallorca managed to advance quickly, in the 13th minute, when Dani Rodriguez sent a cross into the penalty area towards his colleague Muriqui, but Nacho put it into his own net.

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Real Madrid did not succeed in grimacing its fangs, as it failed to pay throughout the first half between the posts and the crossbar.

But in the second half, the match referee awarded a penalty kick to the royal team in the 57th minute, after Mallorca goalkeeper Raykovic collided with Vinicius.

Marco Asensio rushed to take the kick, which Raykovic saved, denying Meringue the equalizer.

Asensio tried to shoot from outside the penalty area, but his ball went past the left post in the 66th minute.

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Vinicius made an individual effort on the left side, entered the penalty area, and hit a ball that was removed by the goalkeeper, before the defense dispersed it into a corner, in the 68th minute.

Alaba sent a cross from the left side towards Mariano Diaz, who hit the bird with a ball that passed over the crossbar, in the 87th minute.

Toni Kroos hit a missile ball, from outside the penalty area, but it passed away from Mallorca’s goal in the 88th minute.

Real Madrid’s last attempt, which came through Rudiger from a header that passed by the post, failed, and the royal team suffered its third defeat this season in La Liga.

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