Ronaldo’s Brace Leads Al-Nassr to Epic Victory Over Al-Ahli

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In a thrilling football spectacle that had fans on the edge of their seats, Cristiano Ronaldo’s exceptional performance proved instrumental as Al-Nassr secured a remarkable 4-3 victory over Al-Ahli during the seventh round of the highly competitive Saudi Arabian Roshan Professional League. The match showcased Ronaldo‘s extraordinary skills and his pivotal role in the triumph of his team.

Ronaldo’s Early Impact

The match kicked off with Cristiano Ronaldo making an instant impact, finding the back of the net in just the fourth minute. Ronaldo unleashed a thunderous strike from within the penalty area, capitalizing on a perfectly timed assist from his teammate Sadio Mané. This early goal set the tone for what would be an exhilarating encounter.


Talisca Doubles the Lead

Al-Nassr extended their lead in the 17th minute when Anderson Talisca, with incredible precision, connected with a free-kick, guiding a header past Al-Ahli’s goalkeeper Mendy. This goal solidified Al-Nassr’s dominance in the first half and left Al-Ahli with a formidable challenge ahead.

Al-Ahli’s Response

Al-Ahli demonstrated resilience and managed to narrow the deficit in the 30th minute. Frank Kessie found the back of the net with a clinical finish, thanks to a well-timed pass from his teammate Mohamed Al-Mujahid. The goal injected new energy into Al-Ahli, setting the stage for an intense battle.

Talisca Strikes Again

Before the first half concluded, Anderson Talisca once again took center stage. He caught Al-Ahli’s goalkeeper Mendy off-guard with an audacious long-range strike from outside the penalty area, finding the back of the net with remarkable accuracy. This sensational goal restored Al-Nassr’s two-goal lead and left fans in awe of Talisca’s prowess.

Al-Ahli’s Penalty and Ronaldo’s Response

The second half brought its own drama as the referee awarded Al-Ahli a penalty. Riyad Mahrez confidently converted the spot-kick into Al-Ahli’s second goal. However, Al-Nassr’s response was swift and emphatic. Cristiano Ronaldo, displaying his scoring instincts once more, unleashed a ferocious strike from outside the penalty area, securing his second goal of the match and re-establishing his team’s two-goal advantage.

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Late Drama

As the clock ticked towards the 88th minute, Riyad Mahrez ignited a late surge for Al-Ahli. Racing down the right flank, he delivered a pinpoint cross to his teammate Feras Al-Breikan, who expertly headed the ball into the net. This late goal set the stage for a thrilling finale, but Al-Nassr managed to hold on to their lead.


In a gripping contest filled with goals and drama, Al-Nassr emerged victorious with a final score of 4-3. This triumph elevated Al-Nassr to the fifth position in the league standings, accumulating a total of 15 points. In contrast, Al-Ahli dropped to the sixth position, also with 15 points. Cristiano Ronaldo’s exceptional performance, highlighted by his brace, was undoubtedly the focal point of this memorable match, showcasing his exceptional goal-scoring ability and contributing significantly to Al-Nassr’s epic victory.

A photo of Cristiano Ronaldo radiating pure joy, with a triumphant pose and a beaming smile, capturing his elation after a victorious moment.
A photo of Cristiano Ronaldo radiating pure joy, with a triumphant pose and a beaming smile, capturing his elation after a victorious moment.

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