Sampdoria disrupts Inter.. and brings Napoli closer to the Scudetto

match summary: Sampdoria – Inter Milan – Played on 02/ 13/2023

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Inter fell into a tie trap in front of its host Sampdoria (0-0), this evening, Monday, in the 22nd round of the Italian League.

With this tie, Inter raised its tally to 44 points in second place, 15 points behind leaders Napoli, who are close to winning the Scudetto title, while Sampdoria reached 11 points in 19th place.

Inter entered looking to score a quick goal, and in the second minute, Barella passed the ball to Lukaku inside the penalty area, to receive it and fire a powerful shot with his left foot, which was blocked by goalkeeper Odero and turned into a corner.

Hakan took the corner kick inside the area, to be dispersed by the Sampdoria defense, and it reached Mkhitaryan at the edge of the area, who fired a powerful shot that passed near the goal.

The fourth minute witnessed objections from Inter players, demanding a penalty kick after Darmian received a ball and passed it to Lautaro, who fired a shot into the arms of the goalkeeper.

In the 12th minute, the Turkish Calhangulu threatened Sampdoria’s goal with a real chance, after he received the ball outside the area and fired a creeping ground shot that passed near Odero’s right post.

Lautaro missed a goal in the 19th minute, after the ball reached Darmian, who passed it on a plate of gold, but the Argentine striker failed to hit it after the ball stood under his feet, so the defense pushed it away and bounced back to Darmian, who hit hard over the crossbar.

The first threat to the hosts came in the 32nd minute, after a cross from the right, met by striker Lammers with heels, and Onana was on the lookout.

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And there was an opportunity for Inter in the 37th minute, and from a free kick that Calhangulu executed from outside the area, Gossens met it with a header on the near post next to the goal.

Inzaghi made the first substitution before the start of the second half when he pushed Federico DiMarco to replace Robin Goossens.

A short corner was executed to Acherbe on the edge of the area, to send a cross that De Vries met with a header, which passed higher than the goal in the 50th minute.

Inter was close to the first goal, after an excellent ball set up by Lukaku on the edge of the penalty area to Mkhitaryan, who did not catch the ball, to pass to Dimarco, who met it with a missile shot higher than Odero’s crossbar.

Sampdoria had a dangerous opportunity in the 59th minute after a corner was taken inside the area, to touch Amiouni’s head and pass outside the goal.

Inter’s response came quickly, and after one minute, Darmian passed a cross from the right to the far left side inside the area, to be met by Dimarco with a shot on the bird, to hit the side net of the goal.

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In search of the first goal, Inzaghi made a triple substitution in the 66th minute, with Lukaku, Darmian, and Barella leaving and paying Dzeko, Dumfries, and Brozovic.

In the 77th minute, Sampdoria’s defense dispersed a cross to reach Calhangulu, who fired a creeping ground shot, but Odero managed to stop it.

The Nerazzurri got a free kick in front of the area, and Dimarco kicked it higher than Sampdoria’s crossbar.

In the 83rd minute, Calhangulu fired an excellent shot, which passed along Odero’s left post.

Achirbi almost scored a missile goal for Inter in the 90 + 2 minute, after the ball reached him to fire a missile from a distance, but Odero shone and pushed it away with his fingertips to hit the crossbar and pass out of the field.

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