Liverpool breathes a sigh of relief and settles the Merseyside derby

Goals: Liverpool – Everton – Played on February 13, 2023

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Liverpool stopped its series of disappointing results in the English Premier League, when it defeated its guest and neighbor Everton (2-0) on Monday evening, at the end of the 23rd round of the competition.

The two goals for Liverpool were scored by Mohamed Salah in the 36th minute and Cody Jacobo in the 49th minute.

With this win, Liverpool’s balance rose to 32 points in ninth place, while Everton’s balance froze at 18 points in eighteenth place.

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Matip made a mistake early in the sixth minute, when he lost the ball, to be received by Sims, whose shot rebounded from Gomez, and the referee awarded a free kick in favor of Liverpool in the 11th minute, which Salah executed in the human wall.

Liverpool almost opened the scoring in the 17th minute, when Nunez raised a short cross from the left, and Jakobo rose to head it next to the post.

Nunez passed between two Everton defenders, to make way for himself to shoot, but his attempt was rebounded by defender Cody in the 21st minute.

A ball created confusion inside the Liverpool penalty area, reaching Senegalese Jaya, who fired a shot over Liverpool’s goal in the 30th minute.

Ayoubi raised a cross from the left, and Tarkovsky rose to it at the far post, but his header bounced off the post in the 35th minute.

Moments later, Liverpool launched a counterattack, led by Nunez to the left, before passing in front of the goal to Salah, who elegantly put the ball into the net, deceiving goalkeeper Jordan Pickford.

And in stoppage time in the first half, Nunez got a pass from Fabinho, to shoot in defense, and the ball rebounded to Gomez, whose shot went over the goal.

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After 4 minutes into the second half, Liverpool managed to consolidate their lead with a second goal, when Alexander Arnold sent a low cross from the right, which was followed by the Dutchman Jakobo uncontrollably into the net.

Liverpool played more comfortably after the second goal, so Salah started from the right wing, before passing to Nunez, who responded to goalkeeper Beckford with his first attempt, before shaking the side net from the outside in the second attempt.

Jakpo got rid of Gaia, and advanced the ball before passing to Nunez, who hit the ball next to the right post in the 62nd minute, to leave the field minutes later, and enter his place returning from injury Diogo Jota.

Robertson’s dangerous cross did not find Salah’s head in the 72nd minute, and Neil Maupay entered to reinforce Everton’s attack instead of McNeil.

Liverpool involved James Milner and Roberto Firmino in place of Henderson and Jakpo, and Iwobi raised a cross toward the far post, Davis raised his head to send it over the goal in the 81st minute.

The atmosphere became tense in the last five minutes, and a quarrel almost broke out between the players, then Firmino passed to Salah, who shot from the right, so goalkeeper Pickford turned away his attempt in the 88th minute.

The remaining minutes passed without anything new so Liverpool won a valuable victory that it has missed in the Premier League since the beginning of this year 2023.

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