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Neymar’s Record-Breaking Brilliance Propels Brazil to a 5-1 Triumph

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Goals: Brazil – Guinea – Played on 06/17/ 2023

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Morocco continues to fly globally and stuns Brazil in Tangiers

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Croatia’s adventure continues on the ruins of the Brazilian dream

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The magicians of Brazil are satisfied with a quadruple in the Korean net.

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Cameroon bid farewell to the World Cup with a historic victory over Brazil

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Casemiro’s shell send Brazil to the second round

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The Brazilian Shock: Seleção duo are out of the group stage

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Complete domination in World Cup 2022,,, Brazil wos Serbia 2/0

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Japan’s lose to Brazil in Tokyo

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Neymar! leads Brazil to a wide victory over South Korea

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Brazil beats Bolivia by four ……………………………………………………