The Barcelona train runs over Cadiz and restores the 8-point difference with Real

Goals: Barcelona – Cadiz FC – Played on 02/19/ 2023

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Barcelona continued its series of victories, by winning (2-0) during the confrontation with Cadiz, this evening, Sunday, in the 22nd round of La Liga, at the “Spotify Camp Nou” stadium.

And he scored for Barcelona, \u200b\u200bSergi Roberto and Robert Lewandowski in the 43rd minute (45 + 1).

With this victory, Barcelona raised its score to 59 points at the top of the La Liga table, 8 points behind runner-up Real Madrid, and Cadiz’s balance froze at 22 points in the seventeenth place.

The match started with pressure from Barcelona, and from a corner kick from the left side, it reached inside the area to Eric Garcia, who rose and hit a header that passed by the right post of the Cadiz goal in the 4th minute.

Roger Marty scored the lead goal for Cadiz in the 19th minute, but the referee ruled it out for offside.

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Ferran Torres, with a distinguished individual effort, dodged Cadiz’s defense and hit a powerful ball with his left foot that passed under the right of goalkeeper Ledesma in the 21st minute.

Barcelona goalkeeper Ter Stegen shone in blocking a powerful shot by Ruben Alcaraz, the Cadiz player, from outside the penalty area, in the 23rd minute.

Sergi Roberto scored the lead goal for Barcelona in the 43rd minute, as Ferran Torres launched on the right side with a single effort and dodged the Cadiz defense before passing a cross towards Lewandowski, who hit a header that Isaac, the defender of the Andalusian team, bounced back in front of Roberto, who settled the ball into the net.

Lewandowski added Barcelona’s second goal in the 46th minute, with a ground missile shot to the right of goalkeeper Ledesma, after receiving a magic pass from Sergi Roberto inside the penalty area.

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The first half ended with Barcelona leading with two goals without a response.

At the start of the second half, Ferran Torres shot a powerful ball from inside the penalty area, which passed over the Cadiz goal in the 50th minute.

Lewandowski almost added Barcelona’s third goal in the 57th minute, as he received a deep ball from Javi, and hit it, hitting the horizontal bar of Cadiz’s goal.

Rogier scored the first goal for Cadiz in the 58th minute, but the referee canceled it due to a mistake by Vali on Ter Stegen.

Subetino, a Cadiz player, headed a ball inside the penalty area, which Ter Stegen blocked twice in the 78th minute.

Chris Ramos, the Cadiz player, set off and dodged Barcelona’s defense, and hit a ball with the outside of the foot, Ter Stegen blocked it and then hit the right post, wasting the opportunity to score the first goal in the 80th minute.

Cadiz striker Lozano almost snatched a goal in the 86th minute, as he received a cross and hit a header that hit the right post of Ter Stegen’s goal.

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