Juventus drops Spezia and rises 4 places in Calcio


Goals: Spezia – Juventus – Played on 02/19/2023

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Juventus continued its awakening in the Italian League, and achieved a 2-0 victory over its host, Spezia, today, Sunday, in the 23rd round of the competition.

Moise Kean scored the first goal in the 32nd minute, and Angel Di Maria added the second goal in the 66th minute.

With this victory, Juventus raised its score to 32 points, jumping from the eleventh place to the seventh place in the competition standings table, while Spezia’s balance froze at 19 points in the 17th place.

The first ten minutes of the match passed calmly, until Spezia had the first opportunity in the 11th minute, after Verdi succeeded in cutting the ball from Kostic, to fire a shot that reached the arms of goalkeeper Perrin.

In the 17th minute, Vlahović scored a goal for the old lady, after he seceded from the right and fired a shot that passed between the goalkeeper’s feet to the net, but the referee raised the offside flag to cancel the goal.

Goalkeeper Dragovski fell on the field due to an injury, as a result of which he was unable to complete the match. He left after 25 minutes and was replaced by substitute goalkeeper Federco Marchetti.

Juventus had a real opportunity in the 26th minute, after a corner kick that was taken from the left side into the area, captain Danilo rose to it to turn it with a header that passed next to the left post of Spezia.

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Moise Kean managed to score Juve’s first goal in the 32nd minute, after a cross pass around by Kostic from the left side, Kane met it with a perfect touch in the net.

Spezia almost scored the equalizing goal just seconds after Juve’s goal, after a cross from the left, Shomorodov rose to it and met it with a header, but his ball went over the crossbar.

The hosts missed a new chance in the 40th minute, after several passes to reach Verdi on the right side, who passed a cross that Shomorodov met with a header that was saved by Perrin.


The series of missed opportunities continued, and two minutes before the end of the first half, Verdi passed a cross within six yards, but it passed strong. Emmanuel Giasi tried to catch up with it and put his foot, but the ball was faster than him to pass out of the field.

In the 49th minute, the landlords got a corner kick that Bourabia executed with a short pass to Arcadius Rica, who crossed into the Juventus area. Giassi met it with a header that reached the middle of the goal for Perrin’s hands.

Minutes later, Rika passed a new cross into the area, Locatelli tried to head it away, but it hit his colleague Sandro, to fall in front of Shomorodov at the six-yard border, and he fired a shot, but it hit Danilo’s foot.

Substitute Di Maria doubled the score for Juve in the 66th minute with a second goal, after receiving a ball from the middle of the field, he penetrated it and fired a ground shot from a distance and a surprise hit the net.

Perrin shone and deprived Spezia of the opportunity to reduce the score in the 72nd minute, after a cross ball that Giassi met with a powerful shot that was on its way to the net.

Spezia got a corner kick in the 82nd minute from the right, defender Nicolau rose higher than everyone else and turned it with a header that Perrin brilliantly removed.

Vlahović launched a quick counterattack in the 85th minute, in a two-on-one situation from Spezia, where the striker tried to pass the ball across the pitch to Di Maria, but it hit Ambadeo’s foot, who saved his team from an outright one-on-one.

The remaining minutes passed without anything new, and the referee blew his whistle, announcing Juventus’ victory for the third consecutive match in the Italian League.

epa soccer 2023 02 2023 02 19 2023 02 19 10478154 epa

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