The floundering Liverpool fell by three against Brentford

Video goals : Brentford-Liverpool-Played on 01/02/ 2023

Liverpool fell to Brentford Square (3-1), this evening, Monday, in the meeting that Griffin Park hosted, within the 19th round of the English Premier League.

Brentford’s Ibrahima Konate scored a hat-trick in the 19th minute, Yoan Wissa in the 42nd minute, and Brian Mbeumo in the 84th minute, while Liverpool’s only goal was scored by Alex Oxlade Chamberlain in the 50th minute.

With that result, the homeowners raised their score to 26 points, rising to seventh place, while the guests’ balance froze at 28 points in sixth place.

Liverpool wasted a real opportunity to open the scoring in the eighth minute, after Salah passed a magic ball to Nunez, who singled out Praia and succeeded in dodging him, and hit the ball of defender Mai’s brilliance in keeping it away before reaching the goal line.

Brentford responded in the 13th minute, with a shot from Royerslev from the edge of the area, which went weak in the hands of Allison.

Then Mbiumu crossed in the 17th minute, hitting a header that passed just past the post.

And from a quick counterattack, Brentford almost opened the scoring, with a quick start from Mbeumo by the midfield, until he reached the penalty area, and hit a ball that Alison’s brilliance sent to a corner kick.

From that corner, Brentford opened the scoring in the 19th minute, after a cross hit Konati’s foot, deceiving Alisson and entering the net.

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Liverpool tried to score a draw quickly in the 24th minute, after Tsimikas hit a powerful ground ball from inside the area, Raya shone in stopping it.

Brentford reappeared in the 25th minute, with a shot from Janssen from inside the area, which hit Fabinho and hit the crossbar.

From that corner, Brentford managed to score a goal, as Wessa followed up with a ball that Allison saved, shooting into the net before the goal was canceled for offside.

Chamberlain searched to surprise Raya with a shot from outside the area in the 33rd minute, but the latter caught it.

Brentford scored another goal in the 39th minute, from a cross that Wessa followed inside the area, and hit a ball that hit Mai and entered the net before the goal was canceled again for offside.

And Brentford succeeded in scoring the second goal immediately after that in the 42nd minute, by rising from Wessa to cross, hitting a powerful header that crossed the goal line, before Alison pushed it away, to end the first half with the hosts advancing (2-0).

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Liverpool started the second half strongly, by narrowing the difference in the 48th minute alone for Nunez, but the goal was canceled due to offside.

The Reds quickly compensated by scoring the first goal in the 50th minute, with Chamberlain rising to a cross from Arnold, hitting a header that entered the net.

Liverpool woke up after the goal, through a powerful ground strike from Fabinho from outside the area, which Raya blocked in the 55th minute.

The guests returned to try in the 70th minute, with a ground shot from Nunez from the right side, which went wide of the goal.

Liverpool almost scored a draw in the 80th minute, with Konati rising to a cross from a corner kick, hitting a header that passed just past the post.

Brentford fired a coup de grace at Liverpool, adding the third goal in the 84th minute after Mbiumu smashed the ball from Konate to separate Alison and hit the net, to end the match (3-1).

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