Tunisia considered withdrawn to Mali in resounding arbitration scandal


Watch the goals of the match Mali Tunisia 1-0

Tunisia considered withdrawn to Mali in resounding arbitration scandal

The result, at the time of the announcement of the end of the match held in the first round of the Africa Cup of Nations Group F competition, indicated that Mali had won with a lone goal, scored from the penalty spot in the 48th minute by Ibrahima Kony.

Events evolved after the referees’ staff and the two teams walked off the field

Zambian referee Jani Sekazwe finishes Tunisia vs Mali. Before the natural end of its original time twice: the first in the 85th minute. And after Tunisia intercepts and alerts by aides. He returned and resumes the match.

In the 89th minute, referee Sikazwe came back to end the game abruptly again and before the assistant referee announced injury time. Which were at least 6 minutes in comparison to the events of the second half.

Despite the Tunisian national team’s objection to ending the match before its legal time. Referee Yekazwe insisted on his decision, and his aides or fugitives did not intervene in changing his decision. And the referees and teams left the stadium, announcing Mali’s victory over Tunisia 1-0.

Several minutes later, Helder Martins de Carvalho, the fourth referee of the Tunisia-Mali match, returned with the assistants to resume the match without Zambian first referee Jane Sekazwe, who finished before her original time.

The Malian coach refused his player’s return to the stadium because they started using snow for hospitalization.

The CAF delegate says in media statements that what is required is the return of the two teams to play at the last minute and with it two minutes of stoppage time.

The coach of the Tunisian national team refused to return according to this offer since the stoppage time was in no way less than 6 minutes since there was a penalty and a return for the fugitive twice. And several substitutions during the second half.

The Malian team has returned to the stadium and is awaiting the return of the Tunisian team, which refuses to return on the terms of the match observer.

The Malian national team was forced to return, after threatening the possibility of a rematch if they did not return.

The Tunisian national team insists on not returning to the stadium so that the leadership of the delegation is committed to applying the instructions in case the match is illegal because the original time has not expired and the match must be repeated.

The Tunisian Mission contests the outcome of the match, considering that there is a gap in the decision of the CAF delegates to request the Tunisian national team to return. Article 7 of the Football Code provides as follows:

“If the match is stopped before official time is over it is returned.”

Match details

The game hosted by the “Limbi” stadium on Wednesday saw dramatic events, with Mali leading through Ibrahima Kony with a penalty in the 48th minute. And Wehbe Khazri missing the chance to equalize for Tunisia from a missed penalty (77).

Referee Sikazwe made the red card known to Mali player Bilal Toure in the 87th minute. Before accidentally blowing the final whistle twice before the end of normal time. And without counting any stoppage time, under the objections of Tunisia’s players.

Mali control

The start of the encounter marked a slow start from both sides with slight control of Mali who from the first minute through Adama Nusa Traore tried to reach Tunisia’s net. But goalkeeper Bashir Bensaid blocked his attempt and took the ball out to a corner.

And from a new corner for Mali executed by Adama Malouda Traore deep in Tunisia’s defense. In the 12th minute, Boubacar Kouayati rose up and played a header that went over the goal.


The Carthage Eagles get their first corner in the 27th minute, confirming that Tunisia was a ghost for themselves in the first period.

In the 37th minute, Moussa Djembe made a bold attempt. And after he skipped past the Tunisian defense and distributed in the direction of Adama Malouda Traore. But the ball was quicker than the latter to miss the chance to open the score.

In the 40th minute, Masadio Hydra opted to shoot from afar in search of goalkeeper Ben Said’s surprise. But his ball went just beside the goal. The first half did not end without goals.

A penalty and an early goal for Mali in the second half

As the second half got underway coach Munther El Kabir swept player Saifuddin Elkhawy in place of Hannibal Majbari. Once again, Mali pressed Tunisia and this pressure resulted in a penalty kick in the 48th minute. Which was announced without hesitation by referee Sikazwe. After Boubacar Kwayati’s ball touched Elias Sakhiri’s hand and Ibrahima Kony turned it into the goal of progress for Mali (1-0).

In the 50th minute, Malouda Traore had a chance to double the score. But miraculously missed it in front of the tackle of Hamza Mathlouthi and goalkeeper Bin Said.

In the 60th minute coach, Magasuba inserted Bissoma in place of Adama Nusa Traore.

Tunisia became gasping for the adjustment and Dylan Bourne in the 65th minute almost came to it with a missile shot that goalkeeper Ibrahim Monkuru blocked and saved his own goal from a starting detective.

Manager Munther Al Kabeer in the 67th minute inserted Anis Ben Soliman in place of Issa Aidouni in search of better attacking activation.

In the 72nd minute, Mali Magasuba coach Moussa Dombia burst in for Adama Malouda.

In the 73 minutes, Tunisia demanded a penalty, considering that Wahbi Khazri’s ball had touched the hand of Moussa Djinibo. Referee Sekouzi took refuge in the var technique and then announced a penalty for the Carthage Eagles. Wehbe Khazri failed in the 77 minutes to convert for the equalizer after goalkeeper Moncoro’s by illumination.

In the 79th minute. Tunisia coach Munther El Kabir played the card of striker Johann Tozgar, who took the place of Naeem El Seliti. And Saif El-Din Jaziri inserted the place of defender Bilal Al-Aifa to play the total attacking card.

Referee Sekouzi announced the end of the match to reverse his decision quickly, In the 85th minute

Referee Sekawzi had the red card in the face of the substitute financial player Bilal before resorting to the var technique, which, following the sighting, confirmed his decision to exclude the financial player, In the 87th minute.

Sekouzi announced the end of the match without giving substitute time, although in the second half 10 players were changed. What made coach Munther al-Kabir enter the field with his assistant Jalal al-Qadri and national team doctor Suhail al-Shamli to protest for Qara. The referee left the field amid a large Tunisian protest, In the 90th minute.

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