Underdog Brighton Stuns Manchester United in Nail-biting Football Match


Goals: Brighton – Manchester United – Played on 05/04/ 2023

Brighton stuns Manchester United with a dramatic victory

Brighton stunned its guest, Manchester United, with a late 1-0 victory at Amex Stadium this evening, Thursday, in the postponed match of the 28th round of the English Premier League. With this victory, Brighton raised its score to 55 points, rising to sixth place in the Premier League table, while Manchester United’s balance froze at 63 points in fourth place.

Strong start from Manchester United

Manchester United started the match strongly, with a pass from Fernandez to Anthony, who managed to shake off Bastil and hit a ball that passed near the post in the second minute. United continued to push forward, with Anthony attempting a direct shot that went wide of the goal in the tenth minute.

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Brighton’s response

Brighton did not back down, and in the fourth minute, a mistake by Lindelof in passing allowed Mituma to kill the ball and attempt a shot that was blocked by De Gea. Mituma continued to penetrate the penalty area in the 13th minute, hitting a ground ball that passed just past the post.

United’s near-miss chances

In the 21st minute, Anthony took a powerful shot from inside the area that passed just past the post, almost opening the scoring for Manchester United. In the 26th minute, Casemiro went up to a cross from Shaw and hit a header that went just above the crossbar. Rashford also had a chance in the 28th minute, manipulating Caicedo inside the area before hitting a shot that Steele saved.

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Brighton’s solid defense

Despite United’s dominance, Brighton’s defense remained solid, with Steele blocking a powerful shot from Martial from inside the area in the 39th minute. Brighton also searched for the lead, with a curved shot from Buonanotti in the 45th minute that passed just past the post.


Second half chances

Brighton started the second half with a shot from Bonanotti from outside the area in the 47th minute, which went wide of the goal. Mituma continued to disturb the left side, with a shot from inside the area in the 55th minute that passed next to the post. Mitoma then paved the ball for Welbeck, who was free of control, inside the area in the 59th minute, to hit a direct ball that went wide of the goal.

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Manchester United’s offensive threat

United formed its first offensive threat in the second half, in the 68th minute, with a shot from Fernandez, which Steele saved. United almost scored the lead goal in the 74th minute, with a powerful shot from Casemiro from the edge of the area, just above the crossbar.

Brighton’s late penalty

McAllister fired a missile from outside the area in the 90th minute, De Gea shone in turning it into a corner. However, Brighton managed to secure a penalty kick in the seventh minute of stoppage time, due to a handball on Shaw that was counted after referring to the var technique. McAllister executed the kick successfully with a shot to the left of De Gea, to end the match with Brighton winning 1-0.

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In conclusion, Brighton’s solid defense and late penalty kick were enough to secure a stunning victory against Manchester United. While United had several near-miss chances throughout the match, Brighton’s perseverance paid off in the end.


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