AS Roma – Internazionale – Played on 05/ 06/ 2023

Inter Milan secures victory over Roma with goals from Dimarco and Lukaku.

Inter Milan defeated Roma (2-0), on Saturday evening at the Stadio Olimpico, in the 34th week of the Italian League.

Inter Milan finished the first half ahead with a clean goal scored by Federico Dimarco in the 33rd minute.

In the second half, Inter Milan added the second goal through Romelu Lukaku in the 74th minute.

Inter raised its score to 63 points to regain fourth place, by two points against Milan, while Roma’s balance stopped at 58 points in seventh place.

Roma was the initiator of the attack in the first minutes when Pellegrini received the ball on the edge of the area to fire a shot that passed near the left post of Onana.

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Key moments from the match between Inter Milan and Roma.

Brozovic passed the ball to his colleague Lukaku, to return to him and fire a shot towards the goal, but it hit defender Ibanez and passed by the goal for a corner.

Pellegrini fired a shot that hit the defense, then bounced back at him, hit it, and hit Bastoni, and Onana touched it with his fingertips and turned it into a corner.

And from a corner kick that was dispersed by the Roma defense, the ball reached Barella, who passed it to Calhanoglu, who hit a powerful ball, but it easily reached Patricio’s hands.

Dumfries received the ball from Brozovic’s through a pass, then kicked off and passed an excellent cross that passed from Lukaku, to be followed by Dimarco with a shot into the net.

And Ibanez missed the opportunity to equalize, after he met a cross from Pellegrini, with a header in which he put strength, but it lacked accuracy and passed over the goal.

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Highlights from Inter Milan’s victory over Roma.

At the start of the second half, Correa got a pass from Lukaku, the Argentine received it and headed towards the area to fire a low shot that passed near the post.

Roma responded quickly through its young star, Zalevsky, who fired a similar shot in terms of power, but it was between the 3 sticks and easily reached the hands of Onana.

And the brilliant Barella, who brilliantly dodged Ibanez and passed to Demarco, launched the latter with his left shot that touched a defender and passed over the goal for a corner.

Roma demanded that a penalty kick be awarded after a handball on Darmian, but the referee indicated the completion of the game, as the ball hit the defender’s foot before it touched his hand.

A corner ran inside the area, dispersed by the Inter defense, and reached Ibanez, who surprised everyone with a missile shot that touched the goalkeeper’s hand and passed outside the field.

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Inter’s Luck Shines as Crossbar Denies Lautaro Martinez a Goal.

The ball fell in front of Lautaro Martinez, who quickly passed it to Lukaku, who was alone in the goal and fired a perfect shot that hit goalkeeper Patricio.

Brozovic, who kicked off the ball, dribbled past a Wolves defender and fired a powerful shot with his left foot, but Patricio blocked it and grabbed it twice.

And the crossbar stood in front of Lautaro to block a goal, after the Argentine received the ball at the borders of the area, and hit a perfect ball that hit the crossbar.

Pellegrini hit a free kick from outside the area and hit a ground ball that passed near the left post of Inter, then the match ended with Roma losing (0-2).

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