Will FIFA exclude Iran from the World Cup and qualify Italy

Italian press reports revealed a big surprise about the possibility of excluding Iran from the next World Cup,

due to the ban on women entering the stadium, and that this decision could result in the Italian team qualifying for the 2022 World Cup.

And the English “Sky Sports” network stated that despite the talk about this, the possibility of Italy qualifying is still vague.


Iran had fallen into a crisis with FIFA after it closed the stadium to 2,000 women during the World Cup qualifier against Lebanon, even though they had bought tickets for the match.

Iran won the match 2-0, but FIFA had previously warned in 2019 to stop any team that prevents women from entering the stands.

Since this is a frequent occurrence, Iranian Football Federation member Mehrdad Sardachi noted on Twitter that he had heard “disturbing news from FIFA and the AFC”.

Thedifficult scenario will be for FIFA to exclude Iran from the 2022 World Cup, which has already booked its place in the World Cup.

FIFA could qualify for its place as its highest-ranked team, and it would be the current European champions, Italy, who did not even reach the play-off final after their 1-0 defeat to North Macedonia.