Will the match between Algeria and Cameroon be repeated!

Algerian fans launched a wide campaign on social media platforms, in order to replay the match between Algeria and Cameroon, which was played on Tuesday evening, for the return of the decisive round of the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

Many activists and several pages, on social media platforms, called for a strong circulation, in order to pressure the replay of the Algeria-Cameroon match, which witnessed a cruel and completely unexpected loss, for the Algerian team against its guest, the Cameroon team.

The Algerians who initiated the campaign relied on what they described as the great arbitrary injustice that affected the “Desert Warriors” battalion, from the Gambian referee Bakari Ghasma, in her home and in front of her fans, and under the eyes of millions who watched the meeting.

This category considered that referee Parkari Gassama “slaughtered” the Algerian national team, with his very poor performance in managing the return leg of the decisive round, and deprived millions of fans of the “Greens” battalion from watching its players pray and roam Qatar’s “World Cup” stadiums.

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The campaign came as a direct call to the FAF body, that it must move quickly to file an appeal to its international counterpart in the outcome of the confrontation, and the appeal included what they described as “arbitral massacres”, committed by the Gambian referee, which they saw as blatantly biased towards the Cameroon national team.

Those who demanded the replay of the Algeria-Cameroon match were based on what happened with the match between Senegal and its rival South Africa in 2017, in the World Cup Russia 2018 qualifiers.

The International Federation of the game had succumbed to the strong demands of the Senegalese, who struggled to replay that confrontation, in which referee Joseph Lamptey awarded an illegal penalty kick to the South African team.

the context of the incident, the Senegalese Football Association submitted an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport “TASS” at the time, the apparent arbitral injustice suffered by Ghanaian referee Joseph Lamptey in the South Africa match, for the second round of Group D competitions.

the court accepted the Senegalese appeal,the evidence of the Ghanaian referee’s involvement and bias towards the South African national team,

FIFA decided to replay the match, which revived the hopes of the “Taranga Lions” battalion in their journey to deduct the “World Cup” visa for Russia, which is what eventually happened.