With 10 players .. Torino eliminates Milan from the Italian Cup

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Torino eliminated Milan, from the Italian Cup round of 16, after winning (1-0), in the match that extended to overtime after the end of normal time with a goalless draw.

Michel Adobo scored the only goal of the match in the 114th minute of the second extra period, to lead Turin to the next round, while Milan bid farewell to the competition.

Torino was able to control the ball from the start of the match and succeeded in making a threat to Milan’s goal, from Lukic’s shot, in which Tatarusano, the Rossoneri goalkeeper, shone and pushed it away from his goal.

And from the first opportunity for Milan in the 25th minute, Dest, the Red Devils’ back, fired a shot from the edge of the penalty area, to hit one of the Turin players and change its direction, and the goalkeeper Milinkovic Savic shone in it, who pushed it away with his fingertips to a corner.

In the corner that was carried out inside the area, Charles de Kitelar met it with an excellent header in the far corner, but it hit the post to bounce back, and the Turin goalkeeper grabbed it.

In the 44th minute, Salimikers tried to penetrate and hit a ball toward the goal, but it hit the Turin defense and rebounded to Dest, who fired a shot from outside the area, but it passed wide of the goal.

De Kitelar came close to scoring the first goal of the match for Milan after he received a ball and fired a missile shot from outside the area, which was blocked by the Turin goalkeeper and passed through his hands outside the stadium for a corner.

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Milan almost scored a goal at the start of the second half, after Bobiga received the ball inside the penalty area, to fire a powerful shot that Milinkovic saved twice.

In the 55th minute, Pobega passed the ball to Tonali outside the penalty area, to fire the Milan midfield, with a powerful shot that passed higher than the goal.

Pioli pushed Milan’s coach, with attacking elements represented by Rafael Liao and Junior Messias, in search of the first goal, to replace Salimikers and Diaz.

And from the first touch of Messias, he almost advanced to Milan after a ball over the defenders, which Tonali passed, to hit Messias offside and receive the ball, but he hit the ball outside the goal.

And in the 69th minute, Kofi Gigi, a defender of Turin, got his second yellow card in the match, to come out with a red card, after blocking Messias in the middle of the field, so Turin completed the match with 10 players.

Dest launched from the right side to penetrate into the area and launch a ground ball with his left foot, but his shot passed near the left post of goalkeeper Savic.

Theo Hernandez, the left back of Milan, almost scored a fatal goal in the 90 + 2 minute, after a ball was dispersed by the defense, to be met by Theo from the edge of the area, with a powerful shot in which Milinkovic shone and turned it into a corner.

Milinkovic continued his brilliance and protection for the Turin den, and saved the opportunity for a goal from De Kitelar’s feet in the last second of the match, to end with the original time and the two teams heading to overtime.

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Milinkovic again saved Milan’s chance in the 95th minute, after Liao fired a missile from a distance, which the goalkeeper brilliantly removed.

Jiro wasted in the 105th minute, the most dangerous chance of the match after the striker got a ball from the left side and connected him in front of the goal, to shoot the ball from under the goalkeeper, but Milinkovic continued his ingenuity and saved his team from a goal.

And from a quick and perfect counterattack in the 114th minute, Torino scored a surprise goal after a wonderful pass from the midfield from Lukic to Brian Bayi, who launched from the right and penetrated towards the penalty area to pass a cross ball that Michel Adobo met with a shot into the net.

The Turin goalkeeper almost wasted the distinguished levels throughout the match, after Calabria fired a powerful shot from the edge of the area, which was blocked by the goalkeeper, and the ball bounced off his hand and passed into the net for a corner in the 118th minute.

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