AC Milan – Internazionale -Played on May 10 2023

Inter Milan Defeats Rival Milan in Champions League Semi-Final

Inter Takes Early Lead

Edin Dzeko and Henrikh Mkhitaryan Score Goals

In a thrilling match, Inter Milan defeated their rival team, AC Milan, 2-0 in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final. The game took place at San Siro stadium on Wednesday, May 11, 2023. The first goal was scored by Edin Dzeko in the 8th minute, followed by Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s goal in the 11th minute. The two teams will meet again at Giuseppe Meazza Stadium next Tuesday to decide who will qualify for the final match.

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Inter’s Offensive Strategy

Calhanoglu and Lautaro Lead the Charge

Inter Milan started the game with an aggressive offensive strategy. They almost scored a third goal when Calhanoglu hit the right post with an unstoppable missile shot from outside the area. Lautaro also played a key role in the team’s offensive charge.

Milan’s Attempts to Score

Diaz and Messias Come Close

Milan tried to reduce the difference in the second half. Diaz kicked the ball and penetrated after Acherbe fell in front of the area, to fire a powerful shot that passed near the right post of goalkeeper Onana. Messias also had a great opportunity to score, but his shot passed next to the right post.

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Inter’s Defense Holds Strong

Brozovic and de Vrij Secure the Back Line

Inter Milan’s defense held strong throughout the game. Milan made several attempts to score, but Inter’s defense, led by Brozovic and de Vrij, secured the back line and prevented any goals from being scored.

Inter Milan Celebrates Victory

Lukaku and Darmian Make Late Attempts

In the final minutes of the game, Lukaku and Darmian made late attempts to score, but Milan’s defense held strong. The game ended with Inter Milan celebrating their victory with a clean double.

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Looking Ahead to the Final

Real Madrid or Manchester City Await

Inter Milan will face the winner of the Real Madrid and Manchester City match in the Champions League final. The team is looking forward to the opportunity to compete for the championship title and bring home the trophy.

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