Wolverhampton forces Liverpool to “tie” in the FA Cup

Goals video: Liverpool – Wolverhampton – Played on 01/07/ 2023

Wolverhampton imposed a 2-2 draw against its host Liverpool, in the match that took place this evening, Saturday, at Anfield, in the third round of the FA Cup, to push the confrontation into a rematch at the Wolves Stadium.

Liverpool Darwin Nunez scored in the 45th minute and Mohamed Salah in the 52nd minute, while Wolverhampton Goncalo Gedish scored in the 26th minute and Huang Hee Chan scored in the 67th minute.

The first attempt in the match came in favor of Liverpool in the fourth minute, with the Reds getting a foul from the border of the area, which Salah executed, hitting a direct ball that went just above the crossbar.

Jakobu followed with a ground shot from inside the area, and in the fifth minute, Sarkic caught it.

Wolverhampton almost opened the scoring in the 15th minute, after a big mistake by Matip in passing the ball inside the area, so Gedish killed it, and hit next to the post.

Henderson followed a ball away from Wolverhampton’s defense on the border of the area, to hit the bird in the 20th minute, which went far from the goal.


Liverpool’s mistakes continued, so Wolverhampton took advantage of them this time and opened the scoring in the 26th minute after Alisson missed passing the ball, so Giddish killed it inside the area, and easily fired into the empty net.

Giddish almost added Wolverhampton’s second goal in the 36th minute, with a powerful shot from outside the area, Allison shone in tackling it.

Adama tried to surprise Alisson with a powerful ground strike from the right side of the penalty area in the 40th minute, but his ball went wide.

Liverpool succeeded in adjusting the score in the 45th minute, after a distinguished longitudinal pass from Arnold inside the area, followed by Nunez with a direct shot at the bird that hit the net, so that the first half ended in a draw (1-1).

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Liverpool started the second half strongly by scoring the second goal in the 52nd minute after Totti made a big mistake in heading the ball back inside the area, so Salah killed it and easily hit the net.

Nunez rose to a cross from a corner executed by Arnold in the 56th minute, hitting a header that went wide of the goal.

Wolverhampton wasted a real opportunity to adjust the result immediately after Nuri received a distinguished pin from Neves, to separate Alison and hit a powerful ball from inside the area, the Brazilian goalkeeper’s brilliance in confronting it.

Wolverhampton was able to adjust the score in the 66th minute after Konya sent a cross into the area, and Chan followed it up with a direct shot that missed Alisson and entered the net.

Arnold tried to give Liverpool the lead again in the 74th minute, with a shot from Arnold from outside the area, but his ball went wide of the goal.

Wolverhampton added the third goal in the 82nd minute via Totti, but it was canceled due to offside.

Substitute Doak appeared in the 88th minute, with a shot outside the foot from inside the area, which passed next to the post, and the match ended in a draw (2-2).

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