Brentford coach: With the second lowest budget, they are able to defeat any team

video goals:Brentford – Tottenham Hotspur

Thomas Frank, Brentford coach, expressed his satisfaction with his team’s draw against his guest Tottenham Hotspur (2-2), this evening, Monday, in the 17th round of the English Premier League.

Frank said in a statement after the match to Amazon Prime: “I think we deserved to win, and we presented a very good level, but after adjusting the score (2-2) they became very dangerous.”

“The players are frustrating, but for Brentford to have the second-lowest budget and to be facing fourth-placed Tottenham in the league with all these world-class players, I think it’s very impressive.”

And he added, “What a match that reopens the Premier League, we are happy to be part of it, we dominated the match and advanced (2-0) and we had a huge opportunity to advance (3-1), but they equalized the result, in general we presented a distinguished level.”

He continued, “The team has great faith in itself and its ability to win against any team on any day. We have unity and try to support each other and create magical moments, and unfortunately we did not come up with the three points today.”

And he continued, “It is not bad to face 5 teams from the big six this season, and only lose to Arsenal. We said that in order to win the match, we have to stop Harry Kane, win the battle of transformations and win the battle of set pieces.”

And about the upcoming transfer market, he commented: “Supporting the team is always a good thing, the league is very strong, it is difficult to approach the big six in addition to Newcastle, and as for the rest of the 13 teams, we need to look at the extent of our ability to rise to the top, this is our ambition.”

He also praised striker Evan Toni, concluding: “He has now scored 11 goals in the Premier League this season. He was formidable and posed a real threat throughout the match, and he works hard for the team.”

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