Brighton eliminates Liverpool from the FA Cup with a fatal goal

Goals: Brighton -Liverpool – Played on 01/29/ 2023

Brighton stripped Liverpool of the FA Cup title, by defeating it (2-1) this evening, Sunday, at Falmer Stadium, in the fourth round of the competition.

Liverpool opened the scoring through Harvey Elliott in the 30th minute, Louis Dunk equalized in the 39th minute, and Kauru Mituma scored a fatal goal in the 90th + 2 minutes.

Liverpool started the match strongly, with a kick from Salah on the right side of the area in the fourth minute, sending a cross that Webster pushed away to return to the Egyptian star again, who shot directly at the goal, to be cleared by Dank from the goal line.

And Elliott followed him in the seventh minute, with a ground shot from the edge of the area, which went weak in the hands of goalkeeper Steele.

Brighton wasted a real opportunity to open the scoring in the 15th minute after Marsh sent a cross to Ferguson, who was completely uncensored inside the area, to separate Alisson and hit a ball, which Arnold removed from the goal line.

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A minute later, Marsh hit a powerful ball from the edge of the area, which went over the crossbar.

And Brighton continued to crawl towards the Liverpool goal, manipulating Mituma with Gomez inside the area in the 22nd minute before he hit a weak ball that was caught by Alison.

Liverpool almost opened the scoring in the 25th minute, after Salah received a distinctive through from Elliott, to separate the Brighton goalkeeper and hit a ball from inside the area, which strangely passed next to the post.

Liverpool opened the scoring in the 31st minute, after a kick-off from Salah on the right side, sending a pass to Elliott inside the area, to separate Bastil, and hit a ball that touched the goalkeeper’s fingers before it hit the net.

And Brighton succeeded in adjusting the score in the 39th minute after Lamptey hit a powerful ball from outside the area, which hit Dank and changed direction, deceiving Alison and hitting the net, so the first half ended in a draw (1-1).

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And Brighton got a violation in the 50th minute, which was executed by Dunk with a direct shot that passed near the post.

Brighton tried to snatch the lead in the 55th minute, after Marsh paved the ball for Gross on the edge of the area, to hit a powerful ball that went over the crossbar.

Liverpool appeared in the 57th minute, with Salah following up on a cross from Arnold, but he did not control the ball that hit him and passed next to the post.

Brighton missed a real opportunity to take the lead in the 71st minute after Mitoma sent a cross to Marsh, who hit a direct ball that was saved by Alisson and hit Marsh again shortly before it passed next to the post.

Konate denied Brighton a fatal goal in the 80th minute after he blocked a powerful shot from Ferguson from inside the 6-yard area, which went out to a corner kick.

From that corner, Dunk rose to cross, hitting a weak header, which Alison caught easily.

Brighton succeeded in scoring the fatal victory goal in the second minute of stoppage time, after Mituma followed a cross inside the area, then manipulated Gomez inside the 6-yard area, and hit a ball that hit Alisson’s net.

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