Casemiro’s shell send Brazil to the second round

video goals:Brazil – Switzerland -Played on 11/ 28/ 2022

The Brazilian national team snatched a difficult victory against its Swiss counterpart, 1-0, in the match that brought them together today, Monday, at Stadium 974, in the framework of the second round of the World Cup group stage.

Casemiro scored the only goal of the match in the 83rd minute.

With this victory, Samba raised its score to 6 points at the top of Group G and officially qualifies for the round of 16, while Switzerland’s balance is frozen at 3 points in second place, and the struggle for deciding the second card from the group remains between Switzerland, Serbia, and Cameroon.

The beginning came quietly from both sides, amid the confinement of play in the middle of the field and on the wings, and relying on the many passes between the feet of the Brazilian players, on the other hand, the Swiss team retreated and tried to close the spaces in front of the samba players.

In the 12th minute, Lucas Paqueta, the Brazilian star, passed a ball in a wonderful way (with the heel) that hit the Swiss defense, to reach Richarlison on the right side inside the area, and pass it to Vinicius Junior in front of the goal, but Vidmir, the Swiss defender, intervened wonderfully to keep the ball away from in front of his own goal.

The first attempt in the match was in the 27th minute, after an excellent pass from Rafinha from the right, to the far left side of the area, to be met by Vinicius, who was completely uncensored, with a shot towards the goal, but goalkeeper Sumer shone and pushed it to a corner.

After 3 minutes, Rafinha launched from the right wing of Brazil into the midfield in front of the penalty area, to fire a powerful shot, but it reached easily in the middle of the goal, into the arms of Sumer.

In the 44th minute, the Brazilian national team got a corner that Rafinha executed from the right side, inside the penalty area, and Thiago Silva, defender and captain of the samba, met with a header that hit one of the Swiss defenders and passed by the goal for a new corner.

At the start of the second half, Brazil coach Tite made his first substitutions, leaving Lucas Paqueta and pushing Brodrigo, in an attempt to increase the offensive effectiveness of t he yellow team.

Alisson, the samba goalkeeper, almost cost his team an own goal, after he kept the ball more than necessary to press Embolo, the Swiss striker, and succeeded in forcing Alisson to make a mistake, but the ball reached Casimira, who dispersed it.

Richarlison was close to scoring his third goal in the tournament after Vinicius passed a ball on a platter of gold with a cross into the six yards. Richarlison failed to follow it into the net, missing the opportunity for his team to advance in the match in the 56th minute.

And in the 64th minute, Vinicius managed to score the first goal of the match, after a quick sentence from the Brazilian players, until it reached Casemiro, who passed a wonderful through ball to Vinicius to penetrate into the area and score the first goal of the match quietly to the left of goalkeeper Sumer, but the referee returned to the video technology that canceled the goal. For sneaking on Richarlison at the start of the game.

And from a corner kick in the 81st minute, Rafinha executed it inside the area, to be dispersed by the defense, and Guimarães matched it with a header aimed directly at the goal, but Sumer succeeded in catching it.

In the 83rd minute, Casemiro scored a wonderful goal after an excellent touch by substitute Rodrigo, to reach the ball to Casemiro, who fired an unstoppable shot at a difficult angle for the goalkeeper, to enter the net, and the goalkeeper contented himself with watching it enter his net.

Rodrigo almost doubled the score for Samba quickly with a second goal, after he received a ball inside the area to fire a powerful shot, which Sumire sent to a corner.

With great ingenuity, Vinicius missed the opportunity to kill the match in the 90 + 3 minute, after a quick counterattack in which two Brazilians launched against one player from the opponent, so Vinicius preferred to pass instead of passing it to his colleague, who was alone so that Akanji succeeded in removing it brilliantly.

Seconds later, Rodrigo missed a new opportunity after the collapse of the Swiss defense, as the ball reached Rodrigo inside the area in a distinguished position to score and fire a powerful shot, but the Swiss defender pushed it away in time for a corner with a wonderful intervention.

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