Chelsea continues to flounder with a frustrating draw against Fulham

Goals: Chelsea FC – Fulham -Played on 02/ 03/ 2023

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Chelsea fell into a goalless draw against its guest, Fulham, in the match hosted by Stamford Bridge this evening, Friday, in the 22nd round of the English Premier League.

With that result, Fulham raised its tally to 32 points in sixth place, and Chelsea raised its tally to 30 points in ninth place.

first half

The first attempt in the match came in favor of Chelsea in the 20th minute, with a distinctive through from Silva towards Havertz inside the area, so that the latter fired a direct ball at the bird, which was saved by Leno before the referee announced that there was a case of offside on the German international.

Fulham responded in the 25th minute, with a powerful shot from Pereira from the edge of the area, Kiba excelled in banishing it to a corner kick.

Chelsea wasted a real opportunity to open the scoring in the 32nd minute after Mont sent a magical penny to Havertz, who was completely uncensored inside the area and alone with Blino, but he strangely shot wide of the goal.

Havertz reappeared after that in the 33rd minute, by breaking the ball from Riam at the borders of the area, and hitting a ground ball that passed next to the post.

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Ziyash appeared in the 36th minute, penetrating from the right side until he reached the penalty area, hitting a ball that went far from the goal.

And in the 45th minute, Ziyech sent a magic pass to Havertz, and Linfred Plino, and hit a fallen ball that hit the post, so the first half ended in a goalless draw.

Second half

Fulham started the second half strongly, with a low shot from Willian from inside the area in the 46th minute, which was caught by Kiba.

Palenha tried to surprise Kiba with a shot from outside the area in the 59th minute, but his ball went over the crossbar.

Silva rose to cross from a corner kick in the 66th minute, hitting a weak header that went easy in the hands of Leno.

And from a quick attack, Willian launched on the left side in the 70th minute and sent a cross towards Reed, who hit a direct ball from inside the area, which was caught by Kiba.

After that, Mitrović noticed Kiba’s progress from his own goal, hitting a dropped ball from near the middle of the field, and the Spanish goalkeeper excelled in stopping it.

Fernandez almost gave Chelsea the lead in the 72nd minute, with a distinctive shot from outside the penalty area, which passed just past the post.

Gallagher tried to snatch the victory in the 79th minute, after he followed a ball away from Fulham’s defense, shooting from the edge of the area, a ball that passed shortly to the post.

Immediately after that, Fofana missed a real opportunity to score, after Bellino singled himself and succeeded in dribbling him, then he dodged Diop and hit a ball that Riam pushed away before it hit the net, so the match ended in a goalless draw.

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