Manchester United escape with a difficult victory against Crystal Palace

Goals: Manchester United – Crystal GPalace – Played on 02/04/ 2023

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Manchester United achieved a difficult victory over its guest, Crystal Palace, (2-1) today, Saturday, at Old Trafford, in the 22nd round of the English Premier League.

Bruno Fernandez scored from a penalty kick (7) and Marcus Rashford (63) scored the United goals, while Jeffrey Schlupp scored Crystal Palace (76).

With this victory, Manchester raised its score to 42 points in third place, while Palace’s balance froze at 24 points in twelfth place.

The start came quickly from Crystal Palace, who got a corner kick in the first seconds of the match, but it did not pose a threat to the United goal.

In the fourth minute, Rashford passed a cross from the left, touching the hand of Hughes, the Palace player, to signal the referee to complete the game, before stopping to return to video technology, after the objections of the United players.

After returning to the video, the referee decided to award a penalty kick to Manchester, and Bruno Fernandez was able to convert it for the first goal of the match in the seventh minute.

Figurst, the Red Devils striker, almost doubled the score for his team in the 13th minute, after a corner was taken inside the area. Figurst met it with an excellent header in the far corner, with goalkeeper Guaita shining with his right hand away from his goal.

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United continued their attack on the visitors’ goal, and in the 27th minute, Guaita denied Crystal Palace goalkeeper Rashford the opportunity to score the second goal, after the United striker penetrated from the depths and fired a powerful shot toward the net, which the goalkeeper turned into a corner.

The Brazilian winger, Anthony, fired a missile from the edge of the penalty area in the 33rd minute, which was on its way to the net had it not been for colliding with his colleague Bruno, preventing him from scoring.

Amidst a torrent of missed opportunities, Figurst passed a cross from the left, ahead of Fred the defender, and fired a ground shot that passed near the right post.

Palace’s first attempt came in the 42nd minute after Odson Edward kicked off the ball and fired a left-footed shot, which was blocked by De Gea.

And there was a dangerous opportunity in front of Rashford, after a long ball he got from Bruno, to fire a shot that passed over the Palace crossbar in the 55th minute.

In the 63rd minute, Rashford doubled the score for Manchester, after passes in front of the Palace penalty area, to reach the ball to Garanacho, who passed it to Shaw, to send a cross, followed by “Marcus” into the net.

The 66th minute witnessed a state of violence between the players of the two teams, so the referee returned to video technology, to find Casemiro grabbing Hughes’ neck and returning to show the red card in his face.

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In the 72nd minute, Edward hit offside and got the ball deep into the United defence, but fired a shot that went just over De Gea’s goal.

De Gea shone and prevented Palace from reducing the score in the 76th minute, after a corner kick, which Mitchell met with a header, and the goalkeeper removed it.

And in the second corner, Palace managed to reduce the score, after a ball was dispersed by the defense to reach Doucoure, who shot it, and it was on its way outside the field, had it not been for Schloub, who turned it with a perfect touch into the net.

Matita missed the opportunity to adjust in the 87th minute, after a free kick that De Gea removed, to bounce back to Schlupp, who passed a cross, which Matita followed with a header above the goal.

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