Inter Milan Clinches Comfortable 2-0 Victory Against Cagliari at Sardinia Arena

Goals: Cagliari – Inter Milan – Played on 08/28/ 2023

In a captivating display of skill and strategy, Inter Milan secured a comfortable 2-0 victory against Cagliari at the Sardinia Arena. This triumph marked the conclusion of the second round of the Italian League and solidified Inter’s position in the league standings, highlighting their control and tactical expertise.

Early Struggles and Breakthroughs

The encounter kicked off with Lautaro Martinez almost securing an early lead for Inter in the 14th minute. His skillful left-footed strike hit the left post, setting the tone for an intense battle. Denzel Dumfries capitalized on Cagliari’s midfield error in the 21st minute, driving home the opening goal with a precise ground shot. Inter’s relentless efforts bore fruit once again when Lautaro Martinez, aided by a superb pass from Dimarco, netted the second goal in the 30th minute.

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Cagliari’s Resilience and Missed Opportunities

Cagliari displayed moments of resilience, with Nandez threatening to equalize shortly after Inter’s first goal. A defensive error granted Nandez an opportunity, but an outstanding save by Calhangulu denied Cagliari a crucial goal. The team continued to press forward, aiming to narrow the deficit, but Inter’s resolute defense and calculated strategies thwarted their efforts.

Shifting Dynamics in the Second Half

The second half witnessed a shift in dynamics as Inter maintained their advantage, leading by two goals. Both teams approached the half with different mindsets—Inter securing their lead while Cagliari pursued a potential comeback. Despite Cagliari’s determination, Inter’s defensive stronghold and Sumer’s goalkeeping prowess ensured the score remained unchanged.

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Strategic Substitutions and Near-Misses

Inter’s coach, Simone Inzaghi, injected fresh energy into the game with a triple substitution in the 70th minute. Carlos Augusto, Cuadrado, and Frazzi were brought in to inject new life into the team’s performance. As the match progressed, both teams vied for control, and Cagliari’s appeals for a penalty were dismissed by the referee.

Late Drama and Unyielding Defense

In the dying moments of the game, Sulimana’s powerful shot from outside the penalty area soared above the crossbar. The match saw Cagliari’s goalkeeper Radonovich and the woodwork combine forces to deny Calhangulu a goal, underscoring the intensity of the encounter. Cagliari’s most promising chance materialized in the 90th minute, with Luvumbo’s cross finding Etzi, whose swift attempt was thwarted by Sawyer’s impressive reflexes.


Inter Milan’s clinical performance secured them a well-deserved victory against Cagliari, propelling them to the third spot in the league standings with a perfect 6-point record. Cagliari, on the other hand, found themselves at the 15th spot with a single point. The match exemplified Inter’s tactical finesse and Cagliari’s determination, creating a riveting spectacle that left fans on the edge of their seats.

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