Ivan Toney surprises Manchester City and takes Guardiola’s team away from the top


Manchester_City – #Brentford -Played on 11/12/ 2022

Pep Guardiola’s team failed to be forceful and ended up losing to Brentford at home.

Manchester City could not beat Brentford and be defeated on the last day before the Qatar 2022 World C up

 with a brace from Ivan Toney.

Despite a first half keeping possession of the ball, Manchester City could not generate too much danger or be forceful on the few occasions they did have.

In the 16th minute of the game, Brentford surprised the hosts by scoring their 20th header of the year. Despite being down on the scoreboard, Manchester City continued to dominate the game and looked to create the play that would change the course of the game, but could not create enough danger.

Phil Foden was responsible for tying the score minutes before going to rest. The player knew how to take advantage of a ball in the area that came from a corner kick to send a strong shot on a goal that was impossible to stop by David Raya.

The start of the second half was very similar for both teams, with City calling but unable to break Brentford‘s barrier to take the lead.

Near the 50th minute, Pep Guardiola‘s team got a little scare after Aymeric Laporte took a blow to the head and ended up bleeding. However, the player was treated and was able to return to the match 1

Laporte himself had an opportunity in front of goal minutes, but the shot went over Raya’s goal. After 60 minutes of the game, Gundogan and Erling Haaland put together a spectacular move that could have ended in the second of the game, but the German footballer wasted the shot in front of the Brentford gate.

This is how the last 30 minutes of the match went by, with Manchester City dominating the ball and with constant arrivals on goal, but Brentford knew how to contain Pep Guardiola‘s men’s men and keep the score tied.

The visitors continued to surprise and took a valuable point from Manchester City thanks to Ivan Toney, who scored his brace in stoppage time, moving Pep’s side away from the top of the Premier League.

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