Lewandowski’s triple in 11 minutes for Bayern Munich!

It was easy to forget that Bayern Munich had approached this match with trepidation as their red figures rampaged about the Allianz Arena,

running rings around their devastated opponents.

Salzburg is a dangerous team that had played well enough in the first leg to raise the specter of a dreadful loss.

All of it looked a long way away by the time Leroy Sané slammed in the home side’s seventh goal from a tight angle.

It was a night to purr and appreciate, with Bayern’s potential Champions League opponents pondering how they could be stopped. Sané was fantastic,

did Kingsley Coman, Thomas Müller scored a pair of goals in the second half,

and Serge Gnabry showed flashes of his old form.

Despite Salzburg‘s excellent work ethic and determination,

they were finally was defeated by a player who, at the age of 33,

still appears to be honing, sharpening, and adding new edges.

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Robert Lewandowski‘s three goals in the first 23 minutes had one thing in common:

they all came from 50-50 situations. However, when it comes to Lewandowski,

a striker who just bullies the odds, relishes the head-to-head battle,

and wins loose balls with a mix of greater physicality, superior intelligence,

and superior will,

the concept of a 50-50 must be reconsider. Robert Lewandowski‘s hat-trick put an end to the Bundesliga champions’ startling recent goal drought,

which last only two games. Julian Nagelsmann,

who is rewarded for his brave tactical setup against an accomplished counterattacking side,

some vindication as well.

Nagelsmann stuck with the three-man defence despite inconsistent performances recently,

knowing that a loss would almost surely lead to rumours about his future.

Nagelsmann stuck with the three-man defence despite inconsistent performances recently, knowing that a loss would almost surely lead to rumours about his future.

Such is the life of a Bayern Munich manager these days, whose is success was been judge not in domestic clout (a 10th consecutive Bundesliga title is nearly assured),

Bayern, on the other hand, would have the final say, with Müller scoring low in a crowded penalty area and Sané delivering the final insult.

Call it a demolition, a humiliation, or a merciless display of strength, whatever you want to call it. Bayern does, after all,

have weaknesses. Few teams, however, are better at hiding them.

but in European achievement.

Watch the goals of this unexpected match!!

The first goal was essential, and in such a close game,

it never seemed far away.

On the tenth minute,

Lewandowski received a low cross from Coman and shook off Max Wöber’s attempt with a thrilling 180-degree turn.

Wöber was compelled to cut Lewandowski down for the penalty after being duped and humiliated. It was a similar storey nine minutes later:

Sané with the pass this time, Lewandowski writhing away from Wöber and joyfully accepting the ankle clip.

Müller capped a decisive counter-attack with a superb diagonal ball into Lewandowski’s path, and it was 3-0 in the blink of an eye.

Philipp Köhn,

the goalkeeper, moved out to clear the ball, only for it to contact Lewandowski and spin amenably towards the empty goal.

It’s worth noting that the move started with a smart long pass from Manuel Neuer,

who had returned to the squad after a month out due to injury and immediately provided Bayern Munich with the assurance they’d been lacking recently.

Surprisingly, we didn’t learn anything else about Bayern Munich in this episode. We already knew what they were capable of in the future. But it’s in the back where they’re still a touch suspicious, and by the time Salzburg finally broke through,

the game had already beyond the point of no return, with Bayern playing at approximately half-speed!!

But, their quarter-final opponents may be fascinate by their one clean sheet in their last eight games.

Bayern, on the other hand, would have the final say,

with Müller scoring low in a crowded penalty area and Sané delivering the final insult. Call it a demolition,

a humiliation, or a merciless display of strength, whatever you want to call it.

Bayern Munich does, after all, have weaknesses. Few teams,

however, are better at hiding them.


reaction and observations after Juventus 1 – 0 Spezia!

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Juventus needed this win severely, especially after what happened between Roma and Atalanta on Saturday night and what could happen later in the day on Sunday.
Alvaro Morata has benefited from the arrival of Dusan Vlahovic in late January.

The Spaniard has embraced a new position as Robin rather than Batman since the huge Serbian striker signed from Fiorentina,

with some of his best games coming since the muscular Serbian striker signed from Fiorentina.

But there’s one thing that’s been missing: a goal from Morata.

Until Sunday, that is.

Morata ended a Serie A goal drought that dated back to the middle of December

with a game-winning goal in the 21st minute off a beautiful assist from Manuel Locatelli,

in a 1-0 victory against a Spezia side that looked like it could be headed for Italy’s second level.


Morata had gone nine games without scoring since scoring in a Serie A match against Bologna on December 18th.

There have been assists and other wonderful things,

but spending nearly three months without a goal only adds to the narrative of how streaky a player he can be.

Who knows what this goal means for the future

for the better or for the worse but it’s nice to see Morata score and not have Juve rely solely on Vlahovic’s brilliance.

But on this particular day, Juventus was able to take advantage of a poor Spezia outlet effort, and three passes later,

Morata had the chance for the simple finish — which he duly delivered.

At the very least, they needed to strengthen their fourth-place position and let the chips above them fall where they may.


If things go a certain way in the next few hours,

Juventus may be within four points of Milan in third place.

Watch the unbelievable goal!!


This was not a pretty game, especially in the second half when compared to the first.

Max Allegri’s aims were to sit back and defend the 1-0 lead

with a fatigued squad rather than seriously try to choke the hell out of Spezia,

knowing full well that his squad is a shell of what it was a few weeks ago due to all the injuries. Spezia, to their credit, did create some chances,

with Wojciech Szczesny having to make a couple of excellent stops on high-quality scoring chances.

But, as has been the case with Juventus since Allegri took over,

they grinded out the result,

no matter how nasty it was for an extended period of time.

That’s enough for me, given the current situation of the roster and the state of the Serie A table. You can’t expect this team to go above and beyond — even against a weak Spezia side — when they’re exhausted from playing every three or four days for the past month.

On Sunday night, Juventus got the most essential thing of all: a win.

Full Time Bayern Munich 7-1 Salzburg

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