Liverpool regains its balance with a double against Wolverhampton

Goals: Liverpool – Wolverhampton – Played on March 01, 2023

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Liverpool restored its winning tone by defeating its guest, Wolverhampton, with two unanswered goals, this evening, Wednesday, in the postponed match from the seventh round of the English Premier League.

Liverpool scored Virgil Van Dyck in the 73rd minute and Mohamed Salah in the 77th minute.

With that result, Liverpool raised its score to 39 points, rising to sixth place, while Wolverhampton froze at 24 points in 15th place.

The first attempt in the match came in favor of Liverpool in the third minute, with a shot from Basitic from inside the area, which went weak in the hands of Sa.

Wolverhampton responded immediately after, with a distinctive shot from Moutinho from inside the area, Alisson shone in banishing it for a corner kick.

From that corner, Jimenez followed a cross, hitting a scissor kick that passed next to the post.

Liverpool returned to try in the 11th minute, with Nunez following up a cross from a corner by Tsimikas, hitting a straight ball that went wide of the goal.

Salah penetrated the right side, sending a cross to Jota in the 19th minute, and the Portuguese hit it with the heel to pass next to the post.

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Liverpool missed a real opportunity to score in the 39th minute, after Nunez sent a cross into the area towards Elliot, who was completely unmarked, to hit a header that passed just past the post.

Once again, Liverpool missed an opportunity to open the scoring in the second minute of stoppage time, after Nunez paved a chest ball for Elliott on the edge of the area, to hit a powerful ball that Sa shone in banishing it for a corner kick.

From that corner, Nunez rose to a cross from Arnold, hitting a header that went over the crossbar, to end the first half with a goalless draw.

Liverpool posed the first danger in the second half in the 55th minute, with a shot from Elliott from the edge of the area, which Sa grabbed.

Liverpool opened the scoring in the 66th minute, after a distinguished incursion by Jota from the depths until he reached the penalty area, to be removed by Kilman and paved the way for Nunez, who shot into the net, before the goal was canceled after returning to the var technique, due to the presence of a violation on Jota.

Liverpool succeeded in compensating in the 73rd minute, as Van Dyck crossed from a foul, hitting a header that Sa blocked, and Jota followed it up with another pass to the Dutch defender, who hit a header that hit the net this time.

And soon, Liverpool added the second goal in the 77th minute, after a quick start from Tsimikas on the left side, to send a cross, which Salah followed with a direct shot that hit the net.

The next minutes did not witness anything new, and the match ended with the Reds winning by two goals without a response.

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