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football news Argentina-Colombia

Lautaro Martinez gave Argentina a 1-0 victory over Colombia in the 16th round of the South American qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar, dwindling Los Cafeteros’ hopes of competing in the World Cup.

Martinez scored the winning goal for the Tango Dancers in the 29th minute of the match, which was held at Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium in Cordoba, Argentina, at dawn today.

The Colombian team had high hopes for this match, after losing last Friday at home to Peru with a clean goal, to fall again last night against the sons of coach Lionel Scaloni.

With the victory, Argentina held the qualifiers standings with 35 points, 4 points behind leaders Brazil.

As for Colombia, it fell to seventh place with 17 points, away from the first four places that qualify its owners directly for the World Cup, as well as from the fifth place occupied by Peru with 21 points, which gives its owner the right to play the play-off match.


Colombia failed to achieve any victory during the last seven rounds and only achieved one victory in the last ten rounds.

Lautaro Martinez raised his score to seven to share the top scorer in the South American qualifiers with Brazilian Neymar, three goals away from the leader, Marcelo Martins Moreno.

The seventeenth and penultimate round of qualifiers will be held on March 24, during which Colombia will host Bolivia, while Argentina will host Venezuela.

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football news Argentina-Colombia

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