Tunisia loses to Australia and complicates its position in the qualifying

goals :#Tunisia#Australia – Played on 11/26/2022

Today, Saturday, the Tunisian national team suffered an unexpected defeat against its Australian counterpart (1-0), in the framework of the second round of Group D competitions for the Qatar World Cup 2022.

The defeat aborted the dreams of the Tunisians, who were waiting for a victory that would open the doors for them to qualify for the second round for the first time.

first half

The Tunisian national team experienced great difficulties at the beginning of the match, which it did not enter well, and found it difficult to get the ball out of its area in front of the Australian national team advancing to the attack in search of a surprising goalkeeper Ayman Dahman.

The Tunisian defense bore the burden of the match, and in the 14th minute, Yassine Meriah caused a mistake that the Carthage Eagles almost paid dearly for.

The first opportunity for the Tunisian national team came in the 19th minute, when Elias Al-Sakhiri led a quick attack, during which he passed a ball deep into the Australian defense, towards Issam Al-Jabali, who in turn distributed it in the direction of Youssef Al-Msakni, and put him in a suitable place to score, but the latter was slow in aiming.

And in the 20th minute, Muhammad Drager chose the individual solution, so he shot from afar, but the ball passed over goalkeeper Mathieu Ryan.

And in the 23rd minute, Goodwin’s garage distributed a ball in the direction of Michel Doc, who got rid of Yassin Meriah’s control, and with a header that was mistaken by goalkeeper Ayman Dahman, and opened the score for Australia (1-0).

After conceding the goal, the Tunisian national team became panting behind the amendment, so Youssef Msakni made an individual attempt in the 37th minute, but his shot collided with the Australian defense, so the attempt was lost, and the wind was gone.

And in the 40th minute, the equalizing goal was missed by Tunisia after a golden pass from Youssef Msakni, which placed Draeger in front of the Australian goal, but the shot shone in front of the defense and saved his goal from a goal.

And in the 43rd minute, Michel Doc almost doubled the score had it not been for the brilliance of goalkeeper Ayman Dahman.

In the 44th minute, Al-Abedi made a fatal mistake, and the ball escaped from him, and it came in front of the player, Frank Kratic, who shot strongly, but Montaser Al-Talibi saved the situation.

And at the substitute time, specifically in the 45 + 3 minute, the Tunisian national team missed the goal of the amendment when Issam Al-Jabali distributed a golden ball towards Youssef Msakni, who miraculously missed the goal.

Second half

After the break, Tunisia’s coach, Jalal Kadri, made the first change; Where Ferjani Sassi inserted the place of Muhammad Drager.

In the 52nd minute, Naeem Al-Sleiti tried boldly with a powerful shot, but the Australian defense saved the situation.

In the 56th minute, Michel Doc tried to surprise goalkeeper Ayman Dahman by distributing a cross, but it did not bring anything new. Then, in the 59th minute, Youssef Al-Masakni dodged the Australian defense and distributed a ball that almost missed goalkeeper Matthew Ryan.

And pushed the coach of the Australian national team in the 56th minute with a paper, Hostic and McClaren, to give a new breath to the front line.

In the 65th minute, the Tunisian national team attacked in a coordinated manner between Naeem Al-Sleiti and Youssef Msakni, so that the latter aimed and the ball collided with the Australian defense, as a result of which Msakni demanded a penalty kick, but German referee Daniel did not pay attention.

In the 66th minute, Al-Qadri Wahbi Al-Khazari replaced Issa Al-Aydouni, and in the 70th minute, Australia almost doubled the score.

And the Tunisian national team continued its pressure on the regions of Australia in search of the amendment, which Youssef Msakni almost reached in the 72nd minute, but his shot shone in front of it, goalkeeper Matteo Ryan, and saved his goal from a goal that seemed to be achieved .. He also blocked the second shot of Msakni.

In the 74th minute, Al-Qadri entered Yassin Al-Khunaisi in place of Issam Al-Jabali, and Jeddy Kashreda replaced Dylan Brown.

The Tunisian national team went down with all its weight to attack in search of the score, and Montaser Talbi, in the 83rd minute, almost surprised him with a missile shot from afar, but goalkeeper Mathieu Ryan was in the right place to grab the ball.

And the changes made by Al-Qadri gave a strong attacking activity, which made the Australian defense go through critical times.. in front of the Tunisian attacks, which almost resulted in a draw in the 88th minute when Wajdi Kashreda passed a golden ball towards Wahbi Khazri, but the latter’s shot was blocked by the Australian goalkeeper.

The Tunisian national team tried to equalize, leaving the match with a defeat that was a great disappointment for Tunisian football and for all Tunisians.

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