Saint-Germain bid farewell to the French Cup by falling in El Clasico

Goals: Olympique Marseille – Paris Saint_Germain – Played on 02/08/2023

Paris Saint-Germain left the French Cup, losing to its host, Olympique de Marseille, with two goals to one, this evening, Wednesday.

Alexis Sanchez and Ruslan Malinowski scored Marseille’s goals in the 31st and 57th minutes, while Sergio Ramos scored PSG’s only goal in the 45 + 2 minutes.

Marseille responded by losing the Clasico in France in the first round of the league, to oust the Parisian giants from the round of 16, and worsen their position before facing Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

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The owners of the land were the strongest and most ferocious at the beginning of the meeting, and threatened Donna rum ma’s goal with more than one dangerous attempt by Guendouzi, Saeed Kolasinac, and the Turkish Cengiz Under.

The midfield quartet of PSG Verratti, Vitenia, Danilo, and Fabian Ruiz found it very difficult, and communication was completely cut off between them and Messi and Neymar or the full-backs Ashraf Hakimi and Nuno Mendez.

Marseille’s pressure resulted in Under’s penalty against Sergio Ramos, which Alexis Sanchez slotted home to Donnarumma.

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This goal provoked the stars of PSG, as Messi hit a free kick over the crossbar, and the left post responded with another more dangerous attempt from Neymar.

In stoppage time, the visitors equalized with a header by Sergio Ramos after a corner kick by Neymar.

Paris surrenders his neck to Marseille

The Parisian team did not learn the lesson in the second half but handed over its neck to the Marseille players to press with full force and ferocity.

Only a few minutes passed until Malinowski scored a second goal with a powerful left-footed shot past Donnarumma.

Croatian Igor Tudored, Marseille coach, greatly outperformed Christophe Galtier, who did not benefit much from the three substitutes Iketiki, Zair Emery, and Soler, who took the place of Danilo, Verratti, and Vitinia.

Tudor succeeded in closing the spaces by relying on the 5-3-2 method, and in the last minutes, he involved the Moroccan star Azzedine Onahi in the place of Ondir, to increase the numerical density in the middle of the field.

Amid this numerical density, Neymar and Messi found it very difficult to penetrate the defense, while Ramos was the most dangerous, as he missed an opportunity with his head, and scored a goal in stoppage time, but he fell into the offside trap so the goal was canceled, and the match ended with a valuable and deserved victory for Marseille.

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